Yackie Mobile VoIP Service Review

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The Bottom Line

If you are one of the increasing number of mobile phone users that are sick of paying huge monthly communication bills, Yackie mobile is an interesting option. It gets even more interesting if you travel frequently and need roaming. Unlike other VoIP mobile services, you don't need to have a data plan. You are given a SIM card through which you can make and receive VoIP calls, but you will have to subscribe for the VoIP service, which is separate from the GSM service.



  • No data plan is required, since the GSM network is used, via the SIM card.
  • The service covers 200 countries.
  • Users can select a local number number within a list of 32 countries.
  • Unlimited free incoming calls in 150 countries
  • SMS service as well as voicemail included.


  • The GSM service (that comes with the SIM card) and the VoIP service have separate balances.
  • A softphone has to be downloaded and installed in order to use the VoIP service.


  • VoIP through SIM card - cheap mobile calls
  • Up to 80% savings on worldwide roaming
  • Make and receive calls in over 200 countries
  • Add unlimited phone numbers from 32 countries
  • No contract or monthly fees
  • Free VoIP account and softphone

Guide Review - Yackie Mobile VoIP Service Review

On buying the SIM card, you get a certain number of airtime minutes, depending on the package you opt for. This is pure GSM service. If you then want to benefit from the VoIP service, you have to register for it. Registration for the VoIP service free, and on topping up, funds are added to it.

Users can choose local phone numbers in 32 countries. This means that, if you choose a number in New York, people calling you from New York will pay local rates. Thanks to VoIP, the incoming and outgoing rates for the international calls are low, around the average standard for the market.

The service itself works in 200 countries. This allows travellers, but also those at home or in their office in these countries to benefit from VoIP coverage without having to pay for a data plan.

One inconvenience with the service is that the VoIP and GSM balances are billed separately. This means that if you have credit on your GSM account and your VoIP credits are flat, you cannot make VoIP calls.

Also, with this service, it is not possible to make completely free calls using mobile phones, like with Yeigo and Fring, with which you can do so if both communicating parties have the softphone installed on their mobiles.

Unlimited free calls can however be made through the service's softphone that can be downloaded and installed on a PC. Two persons using PCs that run the softphone can make and receive unlimited calls to each, just like with Skype.