What Is an XXN File?

How to open, edit, and convert XXN files

XXN Files

A file with the XXN file extension is most likely a Dimenzo Text Editor file.

Although we don't have any information on this particular format, we assume XXN files are similar to other text formats like TXT and RTF. This means they may or may not include support for different font sizes and types, images, bold and italics, etc.

Although their file extensions are similar, an XXN file is not the same as an XXX file, which is a Compucon Singer Embroidery file used by Compucon EOS.

How to Open an XXN File

We're assuming that the Dimenzo text editor program opens and edits XXN files but we can't find a link to the program anywhere, meaning it's probably defunct, which in the software world means it's no longer available for download and isn't being further developed.

Since it's very possible that XXN files are simply text-only files, you can probably open them with any text editor or the built-in Notepad program in Windows.

You may also be able to open XXN files in a word processor program like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer. These programs might not recognize the XXN file, though, in which case you can try renaming the .XXN file to .TXT before opening it in the program.

Given that there's not much information on XXN files, they may be used in other programs besides Dimenzo. If the file opens in a text editor but contains jumbled, unreadable text (and is therefore not a text file), see if you can find something among the text that could be used to identify the program that created it. You might then use that information to research a compatible XXN viewer.

Something else you can try is to see where it's stored on your computer. If the XXN file is kept in a program's installation directory or working folder, then the file is used by that application specifically and might be able to be opened in that same program.

Though the XXN file may be related to a program you have installed on your computer, it's still possible for it to just be a file used by the program to perform specific functions and not something you are supposed to open manually.

If you find that an application on your PC does try to open the XXN file but it's the wrong application or if you would rather have another installed program open XXN files, change the default program in Windows.

How to Convert an XXN File

If an XXN file is just a plain text file, then most text editors can save the file to some other text-based format.

To convert an XXN file used in another program may or may not be possible — it depends entirely on what the file is used for. For example, if it's some type of obscure map or image file used by a video game, the program itself probably can't be used to convert it.