8 Alexa Routine Ideas for Your Home

Make your smart home smarter

With routines, you can execute multiple Alexa commands automatically. If you need some inspiration, here are some valuable and funny Alexa routine ideas as well as tips for customizing your routines.

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Good Morning With Alexa: Start Your Day Off Right

An Alexa morning routine can help make getting out of bed a lot easier. The more smart devices you have connected to Alexa, the more you can automate your daily routine. For example, you can gradually increase your smart lights' brightness, then kick off your day with a playlist followed by your custom Alexa flash briefing. End your routine by having Alexa turn off the lights and adjust the thermostat when you leave home. Set your morning routine to run every morning at the same time, but don't forget to exclude weekends!

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Alexa Security Routines: Have Alexa Lock Up and Keep You Safe

If you have smart sensors (or any Alexa-compatible devices with motion detectors) set up throughout your home, Alexa can act as a solid security system. For example, you can have Alexa alert you when someone triggers motion sensor lights or tries to open a window. Amazon's Ring doorbell integrates with Alexa, so you can have Alexa display the camera feed on your Echo Show screen whenever someone comes to your doorstep. Before you leave the house, don't forget to turn on Alexa Guard to keep an ear out for intruders while you're away.

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Alexa, I'm Home: Evening Routine Ideas

Want to be greeted with a comfy home when you get off work? Program Alexa to set the thermostat, turn on the lights, and start preheating your Amazon smart oven before you even walk in the door. You can also set up motion detectors and have Alexa turn on lights, fans, or other devices when you walk into a room. Got a flair for the dramatic? Make Alexa play your theme song when you walk through the front door to let everyone know you're home.

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Keep Your Kids on Schedule: Homework Reminders and More

If your child has an Echo Dot Kid’s Edition (or any Alexa smart speaker) in their room, you can set up routines to remind them to do homework, clean their room, or take out the trash on a regular schedule. In addition to configuring Alexa parental controls for Amazon services, you can set limits on TV time by placing a sensor on the TV stand. If the sensor is triggered, Alexa can tell them to get back to work. Take advantage of routines to schedule announcements for bedtime and when to get up in the morning.

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Workout With Alexa: Exercise Rotuine Ideas

Need a gym buddy? Alexa has some built-in workouts of varying length, and you can add additional Alexa fitness skills like 5-Minute Plank Workout and My Gorgeous Trainer. String them together to make custom workout routines. If you connect your Fitbit to Alexa, she can tell you how many calories you've burned, how many stairs you've climbed, and more.

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Automate Lawn Care: Routine Ideas for Your Yard

Sync Alexa with your smart sprinklers to water your lawn on a schedule, or have Alexa remind you to take care of the plants. Got a diverse garden with a lot of different needs? Create an Alexa routine to remind you which plants need your attention on which day. Once set up, Alexa will add your gardening schedule to your daily flash briefing. With the right equipment, you can also control your holiday lights and decorations with Alexa routines and even create color themes for different days of the week.

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Keep It Down!: Alexa Volume Control Routines

You can manually adjust Alexa’s volume, or you can set a routine to adjust the volume based on the time of day. You might want to set different routines for each of your devices so that your Echo doesn't wake up your kids in the evening, or vice versa. You can get even more creative with routines. Tired of hearing your kids play the same song over and over again? Set up a routine that prevents Alexa from playing a song more than once in a specified time period.

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Goodnight Alexa Routine: Get Ready for Bed and Sleep Better

Create a nighttime routine to lock the doors and turn out the lights before you go to bed. Alexa supports dozens of sleep apps that you can add, including a white noise maker and a sleep timer. With the help of motion sensors, Alexa can turn on a nightlight if someone gets up to go to the bathroom. Nighttime routines are especially great for kids, too. For example, Alexa can read them a bedtime story at the same time every evening.

  • Why won't my Alexa routine trigger?

    If an Alexa routine is not responding as expected and you have multiple Echo devices, check the Alexa app to ensure you have the correct device selected for the routine. If it still doesn't work, delete the routine and create it again. Also, if other smart devices are included in the routine, make sure the devices are functioning properly.

  • How do I edit an Alexa routine?

    To edit a routine, open the Alexa app and go to More > Routines. Select the routine you want to edit and tap the item you wish to change, such as the trigger or action. Tap Next to apply the changes.

  • How do I set a routine on Alexa on a computer?

    The only way to create or edit an Alexa routine is through the Alexa app for iOS or Android.

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