What Is an XVO File?

The RatDVD movie ripping program stores its video content in XVO files

What to Know

  • An XVO file is a video file used by RatDVD.
  • That same program can convert the video files to VOB files.

This article describes what an XVO file is, how to open one on your computer, and how to convert one to a different video file format.

What Is an XVO File?

A file with the XVO file extension is a video file used by the DVD ripping software RatDVD. A number of files normally accompany this one, including XML, IFO, and VSI files, all of which are contained in an AV_TS folder and then ZIP-compressed to a format that the RatDVD software can recognize.

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How to Open an XVO File

XVO files are the actual video files that make up an .RATDVD file. When XVO files are contained within this .RATDVD format, the RatDVD software decompresses the RATDVD file to use its contents for building a DVD.

So, just to be clear, the XVO files themselves don't actually open in the RatDVD program unless they exist in the .RATDVD file format.

To use XVO files with RatDVD, you must compress the AV_TS folder (the one that contains the XVO and other files) and Version.XML file together (the XML file should exist outside the AV_TS folder) with ZIP compression, and then rename the .ZIP file to a .RATDVD file.

You can use a free file zip/unzip program like 7-Zip to create a ZIP file, but be sure the compression level is set to "none" so that the data is just stored in a .ZIP file and not actually compressed.

How to Convert an XVO File

While an XVO file is a video file, it can't be converted by most free file converters because it's only part of an extracted .RATDVD file. There's no real need to convert just the XVO file to something else.

Instead, once you've used the method described above to create the .RATDVD file out of your XVO files, you can use RatDVD to convert the .RATDVD file back to DVD format. Then, you should be able to use a free video converter to convert the resulting VOB files to a file format you're more familiar with, like MP4, MKV, ISO, etc.

Still Can't Open the File?

If your file doesn't open using the directions above, then it's most likely not related to RatDVD. This can happen if you've misread the file extension, which is actually fairly easy to do.

For example, VX_ files share two of the same file extension letters that we see with XVO files, but they're actually completely unrelated. VX_ files are device driver files used by the Windows operating system; you can't open one with RatDVD.

The same is true for XOF, VXD, OVX, XVCT, and others.

XV0 files are even more tricky since the zero at the end looks like the letter O. These are Lattice XVL Structure files that, again, have nothing to do with RatDVD.

In all of these examples, you need to research that file extension to learn more about which programs are able to open or convert them.

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