What Is an XV File?

How to open, edit, and convert XV files

What to Know

  • An XV file is a Khoros Visualization Image file.
  • Open one with XnView.
  • Convert to JPG, PNG, etc. with that same program or Convertio.

This article explains the two most likely formats that an XV file is in, including how to open both types and what your options are for converting an XV file.

What Is an XV File?

A file with the XV file extension is most likely a Khoros Visualization Image file.

Other XV files are as a container format by the Xunlei (also called Thunder) download manager software to store video content. These files are generally protected in such a way where you can't open or convert them using any other computer but the one that created it.

XV Files

How to Open an XV File

Khoros Visualization Image files can be opened with the free XnView program. It was originally used by the Khoros software suite, but we can't find a download link.

Xunlei should be able to open XV files that are used in that program, but, as mentioned above, it's possible that they can only be used on the same computer that created them. If you find that this is the case for you, keep reading to see how you can convert the XV file to a more common video format for use on any computer.

Another way to open an XV file is with Notepad++, Windows Notepad, or some other text editor. Although this won't be helpful for either of the formats we just mentioned, there are at least a few other formats out there that use the XV extension, some or all of which might be text-based. This means you may get full use out of whatever it is they contain simply by opening them as you would any other text file.

Considering the multiple uses for this extension, you may find that the program that opens automatically (if any) when you double-click on an XV file isn't the one you'd like to open. Fortunately, that's easy to change. Learn how to change file associations in Windows.

How to Convert an XV File

XnView, the same program from above that can open XV files, should also be able to convert the XV file to another image format like JPG, PNG, GIF, and others.

If XnView doesn't let you convert it to the specific format you want the file to be in, first convert it to a format that is supported by that program, and then import that file into a free image converter software program which you can use, finally, to save the file to that ultimate format you were after in the first place.

For XV files used by Xunlei, XV Converter is a free, portable program that can convert them to FLV, but the entire program is in Chinese. Visit TechiSky for the download link and picture instructions on how to add XV files to the program and then convert them to FLV.

Once you have the file in the FLV format, you can use any of these free video converters to save it to MP4, MKV, AVI, etc.

Still Can't Open It?

If your file doesn't open with the programs mentioned above, you might be misreading its extension. Double-check that you're dealing with this specific file type—it needs to end in .XV, not something that just looks similar, like XVID, XVO, or VX_ (Compressed Virtual Device Driver files).

Follow these links for help opening and converting those file formats.

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