Xperia Pro-I Improves Live Streaming With Its Latest Update

As long as you're using the Videography Pro app

Your Sony Xperia Pro-I smartphone has a few extra features specifically for live streaming.

Sony's latest over the air (OTA) update for the Xperia Pro-I works in conjunction with the Videography Pro app to let you do more with your live streams, further pushing the idea of the device being more camera than phone. Additionally, when used with the GP-VPT2BT shooting grip accessory, you'll be able to assign your own custom functions to the grip's C1 custom key directly through the app.

Filming with Xperia Pro I


To make sharing your live streams easier, the update allows you to stream directly to some social media platforms through the Videography Pro app. Something that will, at the very least, probably save you a few extra steps. And you'll be able to record streams with the front-facing camera as well if you decide there's reason for it.

Xperia Pro I


Videography Pro will also be able to tell when you're live streaming up to 120fps in a vertical orientation and will attach those details to the video file metadata. It's something that Sony says will make filming and editing your vertical videos a smoother process, as you (presumably) will have an easier time keeping your videos organized.

The new live streaming update for the Xperia Pro-I is out today—all you have to do is download it. Be aware that you'll also need to have the Videography Pro app installed to make use of the new features. These features are also "... subject to terms and conditions and may be changed, interrupted or discontinued at any time and may require fees, registration and credit card information."

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