XO Vision Ematic IR620 Wireless Headphones Review

xo vision ematic headphones
Headphones are a great way for kids and other passengers to avoid distracting the driver, but make sure you get the right kind.  Don Mason / Blend Images / Getty

What We Like

  • Universal design compatible with OEM and aftermarket in-car DVD systems

  • Comfortable foam ear cups

  • The ear cups fold in for easy storage

  • Automatic shutdown feature helps preserve battery life

  • Use regular AAA batteries

What We Don't Like

  • Only one channel

  • May have difficulty receiving the IR signal

  • Consumes batteries quickly

Headphones in cars can be a tricky thing. If you're using a portable device like an iPad or laptop that you also use at home, you probably already have compatible headphones. But when your car has an original equipment (OE) or aftermarket DVD player or entertainment system, the situation can get a lot more complicated.

The issue is that different systems use different types of headphones, and the original headphones may not even be available anymore when you buy a car used.

XO Vision IR620 headphones are just one solution to this problem. These universal wireless headphones are designed to work with a variety of different systems, so while they don't work with every system out there, they do work with a lot of systems that use infrared (IR) to establish a wireless connection. 

XO Vision IR620: An Affordable Alternative to Expensive OEM Headphones

In-car DVD systems provide hours of entertainment on the road, but they can also be distracting to the driver. The best solution is to provide passengers with headphones, but that can be a costly proposition. 

The Good

The best thing about the XO Vision IR620 is the price tag, but these headphones are also highly competent for the price. Each pair includes its own power switch and volume control, and the ear cups can be rotated for easy storage.

Since there aren't any wires to deal with, the headphones can be easily stowed under a seat or in a seatback pocket. In addition to a power switch, the XO Vision IR620 also includes an automatic shutdown feature.

If you're looking for in-car headphones for children, automatic shutdown is an especially nice feature to have. Adults can forget to turn off electronic devices too, though, and nobody wants to set off on a long road trip only to discover that their headphone batteries are dead.

The price also makes these headphones a good choice for kids. It's all too easy for small kids to end up losing or breaking headphones, especially in a car where they could get dropped in a parking lot or sat on, so the extremely affordable price tag is a nice touch.

The Bad

Some IR headphones have two different channels, which allows them to receive audio from multiple sources. The XO Vision IR620 headphones lack that functionality, so they'll typically be stuck with the audio from your DVD player.

If you don't think your passengers will want to listen to the radio or a CD via their headphones, that won't be an issue. However, you'll want to look for multi-channel IR headphones if that's a feature you think you'll need.

The XO Vision IR620 headphones also seem to eat through batteries at a fairly quick pace. The automatic shutdown feature prevents them from running down when nobody is using them, but these units are power hogs when they are in use.

If you purchase multiple units, you may want to invest in rechargeable batteries. Since they use regular AAA batteries, you may even have some extras laying around already. But even with the added cost of buying new batteries, the XO Vision IR620 headphones are still a good deal.

The Bottom Line

XO Vision Ematic IR 620 universal headphones are a great option if you're looking for an additional in-car DVD listening option. They're a great alternative to costly OEM headphones, and can also supplement an aftermarket system that didn't come with enough headphones to go around.

However, it's important to verify that they will work with your system before you pull the trigger. You'll need headphones that have an A/B switch if you have two IR audio signals, and some systems use radio frequency (RF) headphones instead of infrared to provide wireless listening functionality.

If you aren't able to find out exactly what type of headphones you need for your car, and the manufacturer or dealer is unwilling to help, trial and error may be the only way to figure it out. In that case, there are definitely worse places to start out than an inexpensive model like the XO Vision IR 620.