What Is an XLX File?

How to open, edit, and convert XLX files

A file with the XLX file extension is most likely associated with Xcelsius, as either a Crystal Reports file or an add-on file.

Another way an XLX file was originally used was as a XoloX Incomplete Download file, a file type used in a discontinued download manager.

XLX Files

XLX Files and Microsoft Excel

There's some confusion regarding XLX. While it might sound like a Microsoft Excel-based format, it's not. Excel doesn't support XLX files and XLX files aren't typical spreadsheet files.

Microsoft Excel is the primary program that supports XLSX files (the newer format) and XLS files (the older format), even though XLX looks like those file extensions. Other formats used in Excel include XLTX, XLK, and XLL, but these are different from XLX.

How to Open an XLX File

SAP Crystal Reports can open and work with XLX files that are Xcelsius Crystal Reports files. Crystal Xcelsius will work, too, and is most likely how XLX add-on files are used.

If an application on your PC does try to open the XLX file but it's the wrong application or you'd rather have another installed program open XLX files, you can change which program does that in Windows.

How to Convert an XLX File

If you have an Xcelsius Crystal Reports file, you can most likely export it or save it to a different file format using the software mentioned above. However, if the file is used as an add-on, like most add-on files, you probably can't convert it to any other format.

A file conversion tool is needed to convert a file from one format to another. However, because of how some download managers work (by attaching a temporary file extension to the file during the download), rename the temporary file extension to what the program renames it.

Still Can't Open the File?

If your file won't open with the programs mentioned above, double-check the file extension. You might be confusing another file type for one that ends in XLX. Just like how Excel files could be mixed up for an XLX file, other similar file extensions also exist.

XLF is one example. The first two letters are the same, making it appear at first glance to have something to do with XLX files. But these files are in the XLIFF Document file format and can be viewed with any text editor.

Another example is the LXK file extension used for Lexicon Link-up files that open with COREX.

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