Xitel Hardware Support

How to Get Drivers & Other Support for Your Xitel Hardware

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Xitel is a computer technology company that manufactures audio devices, docking stations, and software. They also manufacture hardware for other companies to include in their devices.

Xitel's main website is located at http://www.xitel.com.

Xitel INport, a simple device that lets you convert your tapes and records to digital music, is one of their most popular consumer products. It's available from Amazon and does not require drivers.

Xitel Support

Xitel's website is almost entirely void of any useful information. Instead of having download links and online articles instantly available for you to use, they make you contact them through email at support@xitel.com.

Unfortunately, this means that you'll need to contact Xitel directly for basic information regarding your hardware as well as if you require a software download or product manual. Frankly, this is a horrible way provide service in this day and age but you have little other option.

Xitel Driver Download

It would be ideal to download drivers for your Xitel hardware through the Xitel website itself since getting downloads directly from the source is always the safest way to ensure they're free from viruses and to be confident that they're valid and will work as advertised.

However, like I said above, Xitel doesn't provide such downloads without contacting them first. That said, there are several other places to download drivers, some of which might have the Xitel driver you're after.

Another way to get Xitel device drivers may be through a free driver updater program. These programs will scan your computer for any missing or outdated drivers and then prompt you to download and install them.

If you already have an Xitel driver but you're not sure how to update your hardware with the new software, see How To Update Drivers in Windows for easy instructions.

Additional Xitel Support Options

Something you may try is to contact Xitel through their general contact email address at xitel@xitel.com. Their support address I gave you above should work just fine, but you might want to try this one if you don't get a response from the other address.

Xitel is based in Austin, TX and can be reached at 512-331-5799. This number may be for partner accounts only but you might want to try them here if you don't get anywhere with the email addresses.

I've gathered as much Xitel technical support information as I could and I frequently update this page to keep the information current. However, if you find anything about Xitel that needs updated, please let me know.