Xiaomi’s Second Folding Phone Is a Serious Rival to the Galaxy Z Fold4

It's only available in China (for now)

It seems just like yesterday (editor’s note: it was yesterday) that Samsung announced the Galaxy Z Fold4, and it already has a serious competitor on the horizon. 

Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi unveiled its second foldable phone, the Mix Fold 2, and it looks to be filled with high-tech innovations while retaining the sought-after folding form factor that has allowed Samsung to succeed in the space.

Xiaomi Mix Fold 2


The first thing you'll notice is just how thin this phone is, at 5.4mm when opened and 11.2mm when closed. This allows enough room for a USB-C port, but just barely. For comparison's sake, Samsung's latest offering is 15.8mm when closed, and that was already considered to be on the thinner side. Technology moves fast. 

This ultra-thin form factor is due to the company's third-generation "micro water drop hinge," which allows for an extremely tight fold. This also makes this an extremely light smartphone, at just nine ounces.

Xiaomi Mix Fold 2


"Every aspect of the experience matters when it comes to premium smartphones," wrote Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun in a tweet.

The battery does take a slight hit to allow for this pocket-friendly design, as the Mix Fold 2 includes a 4,500mAh battery, compared to the original's 5,020mAh cell. Despite that, there's still support for rapid charging, with the company saying it receives a full charge in just 40 minutes.

As for other specs, the Mix Fold 2 features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, Harman Kardon speakers, NFC capabilities, and storage options up to 1TB. There's also an official Leica camera, which is a well-regarded brand by professional shutterbugs. 

Pre-orders start today, but this phone is exclusive to China, for now. However, recent moves by the Chinese government to allow US investments in Xiaomi may speed up the localization process. Incidentally, Mix Fold 2 phones start at around $1,340, compared to $1,800 for the Z Fold4.

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