Xiaomi Will Reveal New Products August 10

A new smartphone and tablet line are slated to make a first appearance.

Chinese electronics company Xiaomi announced that it will reveal its new Mi Pad 5 tablets and launch the Mi Mix 4 smartphone at an event on August 10.

Xiaomi made the announcement in a Weibo post and will commemorate the company’s 10 year anniversary.

Xiaomi Store 1


There’s little in terms of official information about the Mi Pad 5 series and Mi Mix 4, but there are have been leaks that suggest what the specs will be for the devices.

In late July, a leaked TENAA certification (China’s communications regulator) revealed that the Mi Mix 4 will come in two models, one with 8GB of RAM and another with 12GB of RAM. Both models come with 256GB of storage space. The new phones are expected to connect to the 5G network thanks to its Snapdragon 888 chipset.

The battery for the Mi Mix 4 series is rumored to be as big as 4,500mAh and the phones will feature an under-display camera.

In addition, there is a leaked engineering drawing of a Mi Pad 5 prototype, as well as information by tech news site Xiaomiui. Xiaomiui states the Mi Pad 5 tablets will come in three models each with a different Snapdragon CPU. The K81 will have the Snapdragon 870 processor, the K81A will have the 870 chip, and the K82 with the 860.

Xiaomi Phone Display


The leaked engineering drawing shows that the K82 model should come with a 10.95 inch screen that has 2K resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate. A port on the left side of the tablet suggests that the tablet will be able to connect to a physical keyboard. The drawing suggests that the K82 model will come with four speakers as well.

It’s expected that all three models will share the same feature apart from the CPU, but official confirmation is pending until Xiaomi reveals all next week.

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