What Is an XFDF File?

How to open, edit, & convert XFDF files

XFDF files in Windows 10

Be careful not to confuse with XFDL Files.

A file with the XFDF file extension is an Acrobat Forms Document file that stores information that can be used by a PDF file, like the values in the document's different forms. The XFDF file is used to insert that data directly into the PDF.

For example, if several forms in a PDF should be populated with a user's information, it might first be taken from a database containing the user's information and stored in the XFDF format so that the PDF file can use it.

FDF files are similar to XFDF files but use PDF syntax instead of XML formatting.

How to Open an XFDF File

XFDF files can be opened with Adobe Acrobat, PDF Studio, or for free with Adobe Reader.

If those programs don't work to open the XFDF file, try using a free text editor. If the file opens as a text document, then you can just use the text editor to read or edit the file. However, even if most of the text is illegible, you might be able to find something useful within the text that describes the format it's in, which you can then use to find a compatible opener or editor for the file.

If the application that opens the XFDF file isn't the program you want to use the file with, pick a different program to open the XFDF file when you double-click it.

How to Convert an XFDF File

You can't convert an XFDF file to PDF because the two are not really the same format. An XFDF file is used by the PDF file but can't technically exist in the PDF format.

Also, since the XFDF file is already in the XML format, "converting" it to XML doesn't really need to be done. If you want the file to end with the .XML file extension, just rename the .XFDF part of the file name to be .XML.

Try fdf2xfdf if you want to convert FDF to XFDF.

If you want to convert XFDF to some other format, you might have luck with a free file converter, but chances are that it shouldn't really be in any other format than the one it's already in since it's only useful in the context of PDFs.

Creating an XFDF or FDF file from a PDF is done with Acrobat. See Adobe's help document for the details.