Xbox One Rumor Dump 2014

Sometimes Crazy Rumors Do All Come True


I pride myself on not just posting random rumors (like some other sites) and usually only post rumors that I am pretty confident will ultimately be true.  As you can see form this article, my batting average is pretty darn high.  

October 2014 Update -

Most of these actually ended up coming true.  Halo 2 is indeed coming (along with Halo 1, 3, and 4) to XONE, and Halo 5 was delayed.  A white XONE is coming.

 The Platinum Games exclusive was true.  Forza Horizon 2 was true (and brilliant).  And we did see a cheaper XONE SKU.  Wow.

A hot new set of Xbox One rumors hit NeoGAF this week.  Read the first post of this thread, but ignore the rest (they go to typical GAF crazy town).  We take a look at some of the juicier tidbits here.

Original Early 2014 Rumors

Rumor #1 - Halo 2 Anniversary coming to Xbox One 2014 - This makes sense, since it is actually the 10-year anniversary of Halo 2 (just like how Halo CE Anniversary came out in 2011 - 10-years after the OG Xbox launch).

Rumor #2 - Halo 5 Delayed -  If #1 is true, it means that Halo 5, which was teased at E3 2013 for a 2014 release, is likely pushed back to 2015, but this also makes sense.  If Halo 5 needs a little more time in the oven, replacing it with an HD port of Halo 2 is smart.  Lets just hope it comes with the Halo 2 multiplayer intact (I would play this so much!).


Rumor #3 - Xbox One Dashboard Update in March.  We've known a dashboard update was coming up soon, but this gives us a time frame.  Will fix party chat and some other Xbox Live issues.  Will hopefully also add hard drive management and some other features sorely missing from the system at launch.

Rumor #4 - First Party Release Schedule - Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive coming Fall 2014.

  Fable Legends Summer 2015, Crackdown 3 in 2016, Black Tusk's first Gears of War 2016.  These all pretty much make sense.

Rumor #5 - White Xbox One coming later this year - Pretty much guaranteed.

Rumor #6 - TitanFall Special Edition Console - Harder to believe, since it hasn't been officially teased and the game is only a month away.  The mock up image is also a little sketchy (the system shots and pictures on the box are different ... oops).  This might come after launch, but it is usually a better idea to launch a special edition system alongside the game release.

Rumor #7 - Cheaper Xbox One SKU coming in 2014 - Instead of being without Kinect, like everyone wants, the rumor has it being without a disc-drive, which no one wants, which makes it harder to believe.  Microsoft can't possibly be this dense, can they?  If your "All In One" system won't play Blu Rays, it isn't very "All In One" if you ask me.  A cheaper system is more than likely coming in 2014, but not without a disc drive.

Rumor #8 - TitanFall's textures - A different (usually trustworthy) poster on NeoGAF claimed that TitanFall's final textures would be the ones used in the Alpha test.  This was debunked both by Respawn as well as by simple common sense.

  The Alpha textures are very low res and awful looking (which Respawn said was so they could make the alpha download as small as possible, alphas aren't supposed to showcase final ... anything, after all).  Considering that people have been playing TitanFall at conventions and trade shows all last Summer and Fall and it didn't look awful is also a pretty good indicator that this rumor is fishy.  The game is too big and important to both EA and Microsoft to just dump out an ugly final product.

Rumor #9 - Platinum Games Exclusive - Rumors of Platinum Games (of Bayonetta, MGR: Revengeance, Vanquish fame) making an Xbox One exclusive have been around for a while.

  The new rumor is that it is code named "Project Nagano" and is scheduled for 2016. 

Rumor #10 - Forza Horizon 2 - Coming in Fall 2014 with crazy weather and lighting effects.  This one is pretty easy to believe.  This was the plan for the Forza series going forward - sim one year, Horizon-style game the next, etc.- so it makes sense.  

Bottom Line

There are more rumors in the NeoGAF link, but these are the main ones I felt needed to be addressed.  We likely won't know if any of it is true until E3 2014 in June, but it is fun to think about. 

If you have read this site in the past, you should know I don't typically post rumors unless I can verify their accuracy or am confident they are at least partially true.  Like I said, though, we won't know for sure until Microsoft officially announces stuff, which for some of the rumors (like games in 2015 / 2016) might not even happen at this E3 so we won't know the full truth for a while.  Our patience will be rewarded.