Xbox Cloud Gaming Now Works on iOS Devices and PCs

Microsoft has updated the streaming service to run on the web

Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming service now can be played on web browsers for iOS devices and Windows 10 PCs, as long as you have a Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

In a recent blog post, Microsoft has confirmed both that Xbox Cloud Gaming is now powered by new Series X hardware and that you can begin streaming games on your iOS device or PC. Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can log on using the browser on their iPhone, iPad, or PC and start playing today. While Xbox Cloud Gaming has been playable on Android devices, this is a first for Apple users.

Person playing Sea of Thieves on their iPhone


The Xbox Cloud Gaming service provides many of the expected perks of game streaming, like carrying saves across multiple devices and not having to worry about hardware specifications. It also offers custom touch controls for mobile users—in addition to being able to use supported mobile controller accessories. Using a mobile device also has the benefit of portable play, assuming you have a strong enough internet connection.

Sea of Thieves streaming on an iPad


"When you’re streaming games on a PC or mobile device, your game is playing from Xbox hardware in a Microsoft datacenter." said Catherine Gluckstein, vice president and head of product for Xbox Cloud Gaming, in the blog post "This means you can jump into a game, connect with your friends, and play through the Xbox network just as you’ve always done."

You can subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate and begin streaming games for $14.99 a month, regardless of whether or not you own a Microsoft gaming console.

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