Xbox Celebrates 20 Years with 'Halo Infinite' Multiplayer

Microsoft also adds more than 70 backward compatible games, FPS boost, and more

At the Xbox 20th Anniversary event Monday, Microsoft launched the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta three weeks ahead of the full game’s release date and made it available to all players.

The beta kicks off Season 1 of Halo Infinite multiplayer and includes multiple maps, game modes, and a Battle Pass. Halo Infinite multiplayer is currently available on the Xbox Series S and X, the Xbox One, and Windows PC with an Xbox Cloud Gaming version coming a short time after. It will also support cross-platform play, so console and PC gamers will be thrown together in matches.

Halo Infinite gameplay


Because of this support, you can play on either the PC or console version and not lose any progression or stats. Any progress made in the multiplayer mode will carry over to the full game’s release on December 8th.

On top of that, the Battle Pass offers more than 100 unlockable items, including armor pieces, emblems, and special effects. The first season, titled Heroes of Reach, runs through May 2022.

Xbox One Controller

Chesnot/Getty Images

In addition to the Halo Infinite announcement, more than 70 games are being added to the backward compatibility list for the Xbox Series S and X.

New entries include the entirety of the Max Payne series, Dead or Alive Ultimate, and Star Wars Jedi Knight II. Every single title will have improved visual fidelity thanks to Auto HDR, with original Xbox games gaining a graphical boost.

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