Xbox App Adds a Heads-up for PC Compatibility

You'll be able to tell at a glance if the game you want to play will run well

Microsoft is updating the Xbox app to make it easier for you to see at-a-glance if the games you want to play will work well on your computer.

The Xbox app has received an update that now shows whether or not some select game will run well on your PC. It appears Microsoft is still in the process of putting this in place, so not every game in the library has been cataloged yet.

Xbox app displaying "Should play great on this PC" icon

Once you select a game from the Xbox app, you'll likely see one of two icons with accompanying text that appear under the Install button. If the game hasn't been checked yet, you'll see a small grey icon and "Performance check not available yet."

Otherwise, a small green icon appears along with the words "Should play great on this PC."

As The Verge points out, the phrasing about checks not being available "yet" gives the impression that it's something Microsoft is setting up at least semi-manually. In other words, rather than using detection tools that look at requirements and specs, it could be creating its own database game-by-game.

Xbox app displaying "Performance check not available yet" icon

As of this writing, Microsoft has not officially commented on the new feature. The criteria being used to determine performance and how long it may take to catalog the whole library remain uncertain for the time being.

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