How Much Does Xbox Live Cost?

Choose between a free or Gold subscription

Xbox Live

Xbox Live allows you to play games against other players online, as well as download demos, trailers, and even full games in the Xbox Live Arcade. You get to choose a nickname (called a Gamertag) which is how you will be known to other people in any games you play. You can keep friends lists in order to keep in touch with real-life friends or new people you meet online you like to play with.

To use Xbox Live you have to have an Xbox 360 or Xbox One (Xbox Live on the original Xbox console is no longer available), as well as a broadband internet service provider. Xbox Live is a subscription-based service that can be purchased in one month, three month and one year periods.

What is a Gold Membership?

With an Xbox Live Gold membership, you can tune into all your favorite Netflix shows from your Xbox 360. Right now, Xbox Live has two levels of membership. There's the free membership and a Gold Subscription.

Note: The free membership, formerly known as the Silver plan, is free but has limited features.

Costs to Consider

If you're new to Xbox and are excited to sign up for your Xbox Live Gold subscription, there are a few things you should know. Here are some Xbox cost factors to consider:

Xbox Live subscriptions are $59.99 for 12 months, $24.99 for three months, and $9.99 for one month.

Xbox Live does not require a credit card to sign up. You can use one, but you can also buy Xbox Live Gift Cards or Gold subscription cards at retailers, such as Sam's Club and GameDeal. You just pick up a Gold subscription card at a retailer and put in the code on your Xbox.

Why Buy an Xbox Gift Card and Gold Subscription?

We actually recommend buying Xbox Live Gift Cards and Gold Subscription cards at retailers instead of using a credit card for fraud protection reasons anyway.

Just to clarify, the Free Xbox Live service gives you access to voice chat as well as the Xbox Live Marketplace but you can't play games online. You can use all of the various video apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, WWE Network, etc. as well without a Gold subscription. The paid Xbox Live Gold service gives you all of the free level features, along with the ability to play games with friends online as well as occasional early access to demos and other things.

Also, one Xbox Live account works on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. You sign in with the same Gamertag on both systems. The Xbox One also has a unique feature in that one Xbox Live Gold Subscription applies to all of the profiles on the system, unlike on Xbox 360 where every profile needed a separate Gold subscription to play online, so everyone in your family can have their own account and play online.