What Is an XBIN File?

How to open, edit, & convert XBIN files

A file with the XBIN file extension is a RegSupreme License file used by the RegSupreme registry cleaning software from Macecraft Software.

It's unclear how the file is used by that program; it might be encrypted and used for verifying user registration, or it could be a file you download from the company to authenticate your purchase.

Most are probably called license_backup.xbin or data.xbin.

eXtended BIN files are called XBIN files as well, but they end in the XB file extension. XBin, or eXtended Binary, is also a file format unrelated to this one.

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How to Open an XBIN File

XBIN files are license files are used by Macecraft Software's RegSupreme program. We don't have a current download link available.

You might be able to open the file by using the software's File menu, but it's also possible that the program uses the file automatically. In other words, the XBIN file might exist in the program's installation directory and used by the program as needed, so you might not be able to open it manually.

How to Convert an XBIN File

Given that XBIN files are related to a license, it's unlikely that there's a method or reason to convert one to any other format.

Most files are converted with a file converter tool, but again, there's probably little reason to convert an XBIN file. Changing the format would make it unusable in RegSupreme.

Still Can't Open It?

Some files use an extension that closely resemble other ones. This makes it fairly easy to mistake one format for another, thus causing you to run into issues when trying to open or convert the file.

For example, XBM shares a couple of the same letters as XBIN, but it's in an unrelated format and is used with different programs. Another that you should keep separated as a different format, but that's easy to confuse for this one, is BIN.

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