WWE Network Xbox Review

WWE Network Can Be Used on Xbox One and Xbox 360

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World Wrestling Entertainment made a huge announcement on January 8, 2014, that changed how sports and entertainment videos are distributed online with the WWE Network. For a low subscription fee, you can watch all of the classic and current WWE programming you could ever ask for, including pay-per-view events. 

If you'd like to experience WWE Network on the Xbox One or Xbox 360 you must be a WWE Network subscriber. You can use your WWE Network subscription, download the free WWE app from the Apps Marketplace.

What Is WWE Network?

It isn't a TV network, though, and is instead a subscription-based online streaming service that will give you access to the WWE's extensive content library.

All of the old WWE, WCW, and ECW pay-per-views, classic matches and shows uncut and unedited (aside from some music edits), as well as new original programming created specifically for WWE Network are available. You won't be able to watch Raw or SmackDown live on WWE Network, however. New classic content will be added to the on-demand section regularly, so the library will continue to grow and improve.

The biggest news is that your WWE Network subscription will let you watch brand new pay-per-view events as part of your subscription.

Where Can You Watch?

You'll be able to watch WWE Network on your computer through WWE.com or using the WWE App.

All in all, though, this is a surprisingly great move from WWE. It gives you the chance to re-watch old WCW, WWE, and ECW stuff on-demand. Cable and satellite TV providers won't be happy, but it is definitely a lot better for consumers.  

I'm also fairly confident this will work fairly well, too. Online streaming isn't always reliable, particularly during a peak time such as during a big PPV like WrestleMania, but WWE is teaming with MLB Advanced Media (yes, the baseball people) to handle the streaming infrastructure, so it should hold up just fine.   

Review Update: 

WWE Network has video that is great looking and the performance is generally very good. A lot of classic content has been added to the service as well. Even if you only watch the PPV each month and don't bother with the rest, it's definitely worth it. And sometimes you can time your subscription so you get two PPVs for the price of one.

Being able to subscribe for one month at a time rather than a six-month commitment is also very nice since it lets you watch just the big shows (WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, and whenever Brock Lesnar shows up). All in all, we love it and highly recommend WWE Network.

See the full official WWE Network FAQ from WWE here