Apple Wants to Help You Focus With iOS 15

New Focus features can help you control relevant contacts and notifications

Apple has just revealed Focus for iOS 15, which will give you added control over your notifications and contacts throughout the course of your day.

The new Focus feature is a sort of evolution of Apple's Do Not Disturb mode. While you can still make use of Do Not Disturb, Focus will give you more nuanced control. For example, if you attempt to send a message to someone who has Do Not Disturb enabled, you'll be informed of it. If you think the message is important, you then have the option to send it through.

iOS 15 Focus
Image: Apple.


Beyond text notifications, Focus also will allow you to create and schedule your own custom Do Not Disturb options multiple times throughout the day. One possible scenario would give you the ability to only receive alerts and messages from people and apps that are relevant to your job during work hours. Another would let you block out all non-emergency contact from work, but allow friends and family through, in order to focus on socializing and leisure time. These settings can then be scheduled and repeated so that they enable and disable themselves at the relevant times.

You'll also have the option of having Focus generating Do Not Disturb criteria for you. The feature will use information such as your device's location, the time of day, and your own habits to make suggestions for who/what to turn off and when. Presumably, you also could allow Focus to automatically generate an option set, then go in and make edits, if needed.

Focus will release as part of iOS 15 in the fall.

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