Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2022: Announcements, News, and More

Get the details from Apple WWDC 2022

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The Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference is an annual event where software developers connect with the engineers who envision and build Apple products, services, and software. WWDC 2021 was the most recent version of the event.

When is WWDC 2022?

WWDC 2022 will happen in June 2022; we don't yet know the dates or further details.

WWDC 2021 was held the first full week in June: June 7 - 11, 2021. The keynote began at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET.

The event was held virtually without the traditional in-person conference crush.

How to Register and Attend WWDC

The Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is always free to attend, with a free stream of the event directly from Apple's website. WWDC 2022 will be the next time you can attend the event.

What We Know So Far

We don't yet know what Apple will announce at WWDC 2022. Here's what happened at last year's event.

As expected, software announcements were the star of the 2021 event. Here are some of the most notable:

iOS 15

To make FaceTime more inclusive and realistic, new features such as spatial-audio, portrait mode, and even voice isolation for the mic will be added. Plus, as with other teleconferencing apps like Google Meet and Zoom, FaceTime will allow you to send links ahead of time that can even be used on other operating systems.

SharePlay, a new feature, will allow you to watch movies, listen to audio, and share your screen with your friends during FaceTime calls. So far, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, TikTok, and the NBA are just a few of the apps that have signed up to collaborate.

Shared with You is a new feature that will save links you receive from others so you can return to them later. It will work with Safari, Apple Music, Apple News, and other apps.

There’ll be a new “focus” mode that you can turn on to share your status with others so they’ll see you don’t want to be disturbed. It can also hide notifications from apps that you don’t want distracting you.

iPadOS 15

If you’re overwhelmed by all of the apps on your iPad, custom widgets will help organize them into everything from entertainment and photos to notes and file sharing. Plus, the App Library comes to the iPad helping you to declutter (or hide) all the home screens on your iPad

Apple announced it is taking another crack at its multi-tasking feature allowing you to open two apps in one screen and quickly switch between the two, enabling faster creativity.

watchOS 8

The new watch software includes a new watch face that you can customize with a photo in portrait mode. The Breathe app will be updated to include a short breathing and relaxation exercise. There’s also a new Mindfulness app that serves up inspirational quotes and phrases called reflections for when you need some motivation.

macOS Monterey

A new operating system, Mac OS Monterey, will allow you to share one keyboard and mouse between two Macs or between a Mac and an iPad with the Universal Control feature.


Apple’s also enhancing its privacy protection in Apple Mail. It will hide your IP address and location, and doesn’t allow senders to see whether or not you’ve opened an email.

The Latest News About Apple

While you can always read the latest technology news on Lifewire, here are some pieces of interest involving Apple in particular.

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