Write Upside Down and Backward Online

Add a little edge to your image

Write upside down and backward on your blog
 Courtesy of Fliptext.org 

Writing upside down and backward on your website or blog adds a bit of whimsy and fun to your image—and you'll have a little fun in the bargain. But how do you do such a thing? You can't actually type upside down or backward, but several websites let you do this in a New York minute. Just write in the boxes provided and copy and paste the result into your blog, website or social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. That will wow your friends.

Don't try to use the upside down and backward text in a text editor or an HTML editor though. It won't work. Writing upside down also doesn't work for graphics, only text. Some of the websites you can use for upside down and backward text also offers other special effects, such as the Many Tools website that also lets you write in bubble letters, another offbeat alternative. Try these websites:

Other Special Effects

For more exotic effects, go to fsymbols.com. This site lets you turn letters into symbols, make text art signs, make text symbols especially for Facebook and add foreign language letters to your posts. The site also has links you can use to add text pictures to your posts, as well as elaborate emoticons. Click on the links to go to the generator you want. You can also copy and paste symbols—bunches of them—into your posts from the Samuel Wilkes website. Use Mega Emoji.com to add just about any kind of emoticon or text art you can think of to your social media or blog posts. It's a bit more complicated to use than other sites but has an abundance of fun stuff to choose from.

Fancy Letters

If you want to gild the lily, go to lingojam.com. Here you chose a translator and write as normal in one box, and, voila, in the opposite box your words show up in the translator you chose. Options include:

  • Yoda Translator
  • English to Shakespearean
  • Cursive Text
  • Old English Translator
  • English to Ned Flanders
  • Morse Code
  • English to Binary