What Is a WRF File?

The WebEx Recorder program creates WRF files. Here's how to open, edit, and convert to other formats

What to Know

  • Create WRF files using the WebEx Recorder program: File > Open Application and press the Record button.
  • To convert file: With file open: File > Export

A file with the .WRF file extension is a WebEx Recording file created with Cisco's WebEx Recorder program.

The WebEx Recorder software can record a specific program's screen via its File > Open Application menu item. It's often used for demos, training, and similar tasks that benefit from capturing everything on the screen, including the mouse.

WRF files in Windows 10'

The video file that WebEx Recorder creates is much like a regular one in that it can contain audio and video data. However, some of these files might not include audio, especially if the Record Audio option was toggled off during the recording.

If the file is uploaded to Cisco WebEx, it can be downloaded in the ARF file format, which is a WebEx Advanced Recording file that contains not only the video but also information about the meeting, like an attendee list and table of contents.

Other WRF files might instead be associated with Hancom Office. These files, like others created by a word processor program, might have text, images, tables, graphs, custom formatting, etc.

WRF is also short for non-file format related terms like write flash signal and workfactor reduction field.

How to Open a WRF File

You can open a WRF file with Cisco's WebEx Player. Use the Windows download link on that page to get an MSI file or the macOS one to download the player in the DMG file format.

If you think your WRF file wasn't created by the WebEx Recorder program, it can probably be opened with older versions of Hancom Office (previously called Thinkfree); the newest version doesn't support the format.

How to Convert WRF Files

If you already have the WebEx Recording Editor installed, the quickest way to get the WRF file in the WMV file format is to open it with that program and then use the File > Export to menu item.

Once the file exists in the WMV format, you can use a video file converter to convert the WRF file to MP4, AVI, or several other video and audio file formats.

To convert the file online, convert it with the Recording Editor tool and then run the WMV file through Zamzar or FileZigZag. From there, you can make it an MP4, AVI, FLV, SWF, MKV, etc.

Documents that use this file extension can probably be converted to other document formats with previous versions of Hancom Office.

Still Can't Open the File?

It's possible the reason your file isn't opening with the Cisco software is that it's not really a WebEx Recording file. Some files use a similar extension which can be confusing since it might look like they open with WRF file openers when they can not.

For example, SRF, RTF, WFR, WRZ, WI, WRL, WRK, WRP, WRPL, WRTS, and others closely resemble the spelling used for WebEx Recording files, but none of those file formats are related to the Cisco video file format explained on this page. Therefore, none can open with WebEx Player or the other Cisco applications linked above.

If you have one of those files or if you have something else that isn't a WRF file, research that file extension specifically to learn more about how to open it or convert it to some other file format.

If you do in fact, have a WRF file that you know should open with WebEx Player, open the program first, and then use the File > Open menu to browse for it. It should immediately open for you to start playing.

To ensure that WRF files open with WebEx Player when you double-click them in Windows, change the file associations in Windows to pair the file extension with the Cisco program.

  • Do I need to use the WebEx Recorder program to record my screen?

    No. The WebEx Recorder is used when you are on a video call and want to record the entire video along with whichever screens are shared. If you want to record your own screen (whether stills or a video of the screen), you can record your screen on Windows 11, and, of course, you can make a video of the Mac's screen.

  • What is a video converter program?

    These kinds of programs take a video file and are able to convert to one or more different types of video files. You would do this, for example, if you wanted to edit a file from 60 minutes to 30 minutes because there was blank video, or, maybe some technical difficulties made the video too long. Or you wanted to punch up the video with a title and add subtitles. There are many free video converters to help you get started.

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