How to Wrap Text in Google Sheets

Learn how to wrap text in a single cell, a full row, or a whole column

When you add a large amount of text to a Google Sheets cell, the entry may overlap other cells and columns. This overlap can make your spreadsheets difficult to read and navigate. We show you how to wrap text in Google Sheets so that your entries are orderly and visible all the time.

How to Wrap Text In Google Sheets

To keep long entries readable even when their cell isn't active, turn on the Wrap Text option under the Format menu. Here's how.

  1. Select one or more cells containing the text you want to wrap. Select a header to highlight an entire row or column.

    To apply text wrapping to an entire spreadsheet, click the empty box in the upper-left corner between the A and 1 column and row headers.

  2. Go to the Format menu.

    The Format menu
  3. Select the Text wrapping option to open a submenu containing three options:

    • Overflow: The cell remains the same size, but the text that doesn't fit extends out on a single line.
    • Wrap: Enlarges a cell vertically to fit all of the text. The cell stays the same width.
    • Clip: Cuts text off at the border unless you select the cell.

    Select Wrap to ensure all of the information you enter is always visible.

    Text wrapping options
  4. The cell enlarges to fit the text. This command also makes the cells in the rest of the row larger.

    Wrapped text in a Google Sheets cell
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