What Is a WPD File?

Three document file types have this extension, and they're all used differently

What to Know

  • Some WPD files are WordPerfect documents.
  • Open one with MS Word, LibreOffice Writer, or WordPerfect.
  • Convert one to DOCX, DOC, PDF, PNG, ODT, and others with Zamzar.

This article describes the various file formats that use the WPD file extension, including how to open and convert each type.

What Is a WPD File?

A file with the .WPD file extension is a text document. What kind of text file it is depends on the program that's using it; there are three main file formats that utilize this file extension.

The most likely scenario is that you have a document created by Corel's WordPerfect application. It might have tables, text, images, and other objects stored within the file.

The Swiftpage Act! contact management software (previously known as Sage ACT!) uses WPD files, too, and it most likely is truly text-only (no images or other objects).

602Text is another program that can make WPD files. It creates what's called a document file (much like WordPerfect) that might contain anything a regular word processor created document supports, like tables, custom formatting, images, text, footnotes, form objects, etc.

WPD files in Windows 10 that open with Microsoft Word

WPD is also short for some technology terms that have nothing to do with a file format, such as web page development and Windows portable device.

How to Open a WPD File

WordPerfect is the primary program associated with WordPerfect document files, so you can use that application to open it. You can also open that kind of WPD file with LibreOffice Writer, FreeOffice TextMaker, Microsoft Word, and Canvas. If you're on a Mac, try NeoOffice.

LibreOffice and FreeOffice can open and edit the file, but then you have to choose a different document file format to save it to when you're done, like DOCX or DOC.

Act! from Swiftpage can open a WPD file that's in that format.

The third application that creates these files is called 602Text, which is part of the 602Pro PC Suite program from Software602. However, the final version was last released in the early 2000s, so there isn't a current download link available. You can still get it through Archive.org.

The 602Text document file format was developed to be compatible with MS Word, so some versions of Word might support the format, too. However, it might not render images correctly and would probably only be useful if the majority of the file is text-based (in which case you could even use a text editor).

How to Convert WPD Files

Since there are three file formats to consider, you need to know which one your file is in before deciding how to convert it. Even though two of them (WordPerfect and 602Text) are similar in that they're both documents used by word processors, you need to use a separate converter for each.

For a WordPerfect file, convert it to DOC, DOCX, PDF, PNG, TXT, ODT, etc., with Zamzar. It's an online converter, so you can use it without installing any extra software to your computer; just upload the file, choose a conversion type, and then download the converted file back to your computer.

Doxillion is another WPD converter for the WordPerfect file format, but it's an actual program you have to install.

Use 602Text through the link above to convert a WPD file in that format. Use the File > Save As menu to convert it to a template file with the WPT file extension, or to DOC, HTML/HTM, CSS, RTF, PDB, PRC, or TXT.

If an Act! WPD file is able to be converted to any other format, it's most likely accomplished through the Act! program itself. Open the file there and try an Export or Save As menu to see which formats, if any, the file can be saved to.

If after you convert the file with one of these tools, you need it to be in a different file format that isn't supported there, consider running it through a free file converter. For example, to convert a WordPerfect file to JPG, you can use Zamzar to first save it to PNG, and then convert the PNG to JPG with an image file converter.

Still Can't Open the File?

The first thing to check for if you can't open your WPD file is that you're using the correct program. 602Text should not be used to open WordPerfect document, and neither should the reverse be tried.

Are you for sure opening the file in the right program, but it's still not working? Maybe you're not actually dealing with a WPD file. Some file formats use file extensions spelled very much like this one, but have nothing to do with any of the formats mentioned above.

For example, WDP files look very similar but are used for the Windows Media Photo and AutoCAD Electrical Project file formats, meaning that they only work with image viewing applications or, in the case of the latter, Autodesk's AutoCAD software.

ADP is another example that could be confused for this file extension.

If you find that you don't actually have a WPD file, research the file extension that you do have, and you'll find which programs can open and convert that particular file.

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