Ten Worst Xbox 360 Games

The Xbox 360 has been out for ten years now, and while there have been a lot of great games released in that time, the 360 has seen its fair share of bad games as well. There isn't quite anything as epically terrible as Drake of the 99 Dragons or Aquaman like we saw on the original Xbox, where Xbox fans are proud to have them in their collection like a badge of honor, but there are plenty of stinkers that could reach those heights of fame and misfortune. Check out our full list of the Ten Worst Xbox 360 Games (overall, not just exclusives) right here.

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It sort of feels like cheating to include Kinect games on a "Worst Xbox 360 Game" list, but this one is just too bad to ignore.  Fighters Uncaged is just putrid.  It's awful.  It is supposed to be a fighting game that tracks your moves with Kinect, but it doesn't work.  It does not function.  Period.  Strangely enough, Ubisoft actually released a sequel to this on Xbox One and it's just as bad!   More »

If ever there was a game that didn’t need a darker and more sinister re-imagining, Bomberman is it. But they did it anyway. While they were busy working on the new look, they forgot a few things like good graphics and sound and offline multiplayer (seriously, WTF?). At least they remembered to make the gameplay extra terrible. More »
Usually when a game is ported from a lesser system to the Xbox 360, some effort goes into making everything shiny and at least a little bit better looking. Not the case here. Pure PS2 fugly graphics through and through. The gameplay is about as deep as a puddle as well. And they expected us to pay $60 for it. Hi-larious. More »

The first and biggest problem is that Hour of Victory is a World War II shooter about 2 years too late. The other problems are that the graphics and sound are horrible, the level design is awful, the A.I. is as dumb as rocks, and there are glitches and bugs everywhere. Bad times. More »

Over the years, it seems that SEGA has forgotten that the whole appeal of Sonic the Hedgehog is that he runs very very fast. We don’t need new characters, and we especially don’t need a human/hedgehog kiss. Sonic’s next-gen debut was plagued by long load times, a bad camera, awkward controls, and just plain bad gameplay. More »
Vampire Rain is probably the easiest stealth game in history. We can accept that fighting the vampires is a bad idea since they are so powerful, but when sneaking past them is so ridiculously easy the whole concept falls apart and just becomes boring. It doesn’t help that there are tons of cutscenes broken up by long load times. The graphics and sound are average at best. And when you mix it all together, you get a bitter stew of failure. More »
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NFL Tour

We were never big fans of the NFL Street series to begin with, but EA’s latest attempt at arcade-style football is a step in the absolute wrong direction. Offense is just stupidly easy. Defense is just stupidly hard. The commentary is horrible and repetitive. And even if you don’t mind the other stuff, you’ll burn through the scant few modes in a day. NFL Tour is a waste.

The original Steel Battalion on Xbox was an awesome game with a huge 40+ button controller that really made you fee like you were driving a mech.  Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor for Kinect, on the other hand, is a huge mess that only simulates you slowly choking to death on smoke and fire because the stupid controls won't work right and you can't open the hatch to escape.  It is truly, truly a terrible game and one of the Xbox 360 and Kinect's worst. More »

Rapala Fishing Frenzy 2009 is the lazy man’s fishing game. You never have to move your boat and it doesn’t matter what lure you use because the fish will bite anything and you literally catch a fish on every cast. There is no challenge or strategy or realistic fishing here whatsoever. The potential audience for fishing games is already pretty small, but Rapala Fishing Frenzy 2009 is too simple of a game to appeal to even the most desperate fisherman. More »

The Official Videogame of the 2008 Beijing Olympics lives up to the standards set by every other Olympic videogame released so far. And that isn’t a good thing. It is brutally difficult and features outdated button mashing controls to produce one of the most frustrating games we have seen in a long time. On top of all of that, long load times and clunky menus make restarting when you fail (and it will happen a lot) a chore. More »
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