Bottom 10 Worst OG Xbox Games

These games are some of the worst of the worst you’ll find on the Xbox. These games are poorly made and are just flat out bad. There is a flip side to this sad tale, though. Sure these games are bad, but they are so bad that they are almost good. Well, not really, but because they are famous for being so bad they are desirable games to have in your collection. Most of them are easy to find for pretty cheap. Now your collection can have both the best and the worst the Xbox has to offer.

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Drake of the 99 Dragons

One of the worst reviewed games ever, Drake of the 99 Dragons is nothing more than an in joke at this point among Xbox fans. Whenever there is a clearance sale or EB or GameStop advertise “great deals”, Drake is almost always among the available titles. It was panned for having uninspired cel-shaded graphics, horrendous voice acting, terrible controls, and some of the worst targeting ever found in a third person shooter.

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Gravity Games Bike: Street Vert Dirt

After the PS2 version met with poor reviews, everyone assumed that the Xbox version was cancelled. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Released with no marketing, no fanfare, no buzz, not even word of mouth, Gravity Games Bike plopped onto store shelves like the slug it is and there it sat because no one would touch it. This game was released basically incomplete and as such it is pretty much unplayable thanks to poor controls and hideous graphics.

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Batman: Dark Tomorrow

Featuring a halfway decent story and good voice acting, Batman Dark Tomorrow lured quite a few Batman fans in only to disappoint them with muddy controls, frustrating and poorly executed gameplay, a bad camera, and blurry graphics. Funnily enough, this game went through an incredible number of delays. You would think that with all of the extra time the developers had the final product would have been better.

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Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis

The myth, the legend. Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis is another title that Xbox fans love to hate because it is always, always, always on sale clogging up bargain bins and sitting in front of other more desirable titles. Cookie-cutter game design at its worst, the only thing that really has anything to do with Aquaman is the fact that his name is on the box.

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Kabuki Warriors

Perhaps the most famous of the bad games, Kabuki Warriors is definitely a low point in the Xbox lineup. Shallow combat, ugly characters, lazy translation and overall game design. There is really nothing good to say about Kabuki Warriors. It is 2D weapons based fighting at its absolute worst.

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Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon

This game got quite a bit of attention when it was announced because the prospect of a fighting game starring the martial arts master himself sounded like a great idea. The only problem is that the fighting engine is absolutely horrible and doesn’t really resemble anything Bruce Lee taught because he was never this sloppy. Bad graphics and sound and ridiculous load times were the deathblow to this title.

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Fight Club

Fight Club is an awesome movie, but it makes for a horrible game. Making a fighting game based off of it sounds like a good idea, that is of course if you have never actually seen the movie. Sure the fighting is raw and brutal, but it wasn’t really what Fight Club was about. Bad graphics, pitifully easy gameplay, lame attempts to tie in with the movie – this game is a stinker.

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MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch

Celebrity Deathmatch lost its luster after the first couple of times you watched it, so making a game based off of it seemed sketchy at best. The main problem with the Celebrity Deathmatch videogame (other than the fact that it has horrible gameplay and ugly graphics) is that it was released several years too late to really capitalize on the show’s success.

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Shrek Super Party

Trying desperately to cash in on Nintendo’s Mario Party phenomenon, Shrek Super Party put you in the roles of the Shrek cast and you play a bunch of minigames for some reason. Bad controls, bad gameplay concepts for the minigames, blurry graphics, and a decided lack of difficulty or challenge for even little kids make this a bad game.

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Bad Boys: Miami Takedown

I have always been of the opinion that if you are trying to do a movie game without the original actors or at least people that sound really close to them, don’t even bother making the game. Miami Takedown suffers from horrendous voice acting and an overall disregard for everything that made the Bad Boys movies entertaining.