Cool Sites for Seeing Worldwide Internet Activity

Catch a glimpse of what people all over the world are doing online right now

If you're a big social media user, then you probably already know how fun and addicting it can be to want to constantly check all your feeds so you can see all the latest photos, videos, news stories, tweets, status updates and everything else that people in your network are posting. We're living in an age now where real-time updates on the Internet are more important than ever before.

Being able to see what's happening with people in your own network as it unfolds is always cool, but what if you wanted to broaden your perspective by, say, taking it global? How many people worldwide are tweeting with the information desk person emoji right this moment? Or what's the most popular GIF being shared this very minute?

Take a look at some of the real time stat-tracking websites below to find out.

Internet Live Stats
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Want to see the number of Internet users and activities increase right before your eyes? With Internet Live Stats, you can see the total number of websites online, how many emails were sent today, the number of tweets sent today, the number of Google searches posted today and so much more. If that doesn't blow your mind, check out the 1 Second tab. This incredible site is part of the Real Time Statistics Project by Worldometers and 7 Billion World.

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GIF Hell
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Giphy is pretty good at updating its front page with the latest trending GIFs, but if you want to see the most popular GIFs being shared at the current moment, then ​GIF Hell is what you need. This website tracks the amount of Twitter shares a GIF gets in the shortest amount of time and posts them on the site's popular tab. You can also browse through the most shared GIFs or check out the firehouse tab to see GIFs being tweeted in real time.

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You know how popular emoji are these days, and now there's a site that exists which specifically tracks emoji use on Twitter as they're posted in real-time. After reading the amusing "Epilepsy Warning" that pops up over the site when you first visit, you'll see a grid of emoji icons and the number of times they've been tweeted – updating live right before your very own eyes.

The Pirate Cinema
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Ever wonder what a crazy mashup of all the Internet's top most torrented movies would look like? The Pirate Cinema shows you exactly that, taking the Pirate Bay's top 100 videos and stringing together all sorts of different clips from the BitTorrent files being exchanged in real time. It's kind of cool, but really just feels like super fast TV channel surfing and doesn't exactly make for a worthwhile viewing experience after a few seconds of watching.

Google Trends Visualizer
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You may already know that Google Trends is a popular service that people can use to explore current Google trending search topics, but did you know that a visualizer was launched that lets you see searches taking place in real time? Of course, you can't see all of them at once (because that would be madness), but you get a brief snapshot of some of the hottest searches, along with the option to drill it down more by region at the bottom of the screen. Google also offers this tool as a downloadable screensaver for your computer.

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Photo © Westend61 / Getty Images

People take a lot of selfies these days, and Instagram is one of the major social platforms where they're usually posted. Selfeed is a site project that looks at all the incoming posts on Instagram with the hashtag #selfie included, and then displays them all as they're posted. So sit back, relax, and watch the faces of random strangers endlessly fly across your computer screen for as long as you like.

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Twitter Features
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Twitter is the ultimate social network for real-time updates, where worldwide trending topics and hashtags can pop up out of nowhere within minutes. For a close look at how the entire world tweets, there's Tweetping – a visual map and counter to see global tweets, tweets by continents, the most recent hashtag tweeted and more. Watch as the world map lights up with tweets as they're tweeted in real time.

Wikipedia Vision
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Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, and that's a big part of what makes it so great. A beta tool called Wikipedia Vision tracks the edits left by anonymous users and displays them on a map right as they happen, along with the link to their corresponding Wikipedia page that was just edited. You can also see some chart information about edits over the past 24 hours and a snapshot of the most recent edits. 

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Photo © Carmen Gold / EyeEm / Getty Images

The amount of photos and videos that are posted on Instagram every second is too much to see all at once, but if you still want an interesting real-time Instagram experience, there's Instastrm. This tool features a live updating feed of Instagram posts based on a common hashtag. So if you want to see everything currently being posted that's tagged with #food, or #shoes, or #throwbackthursday, then you can do it with Instastrm. Of course, you could also just search for the tag in the app and pull to refresh to see the latest posts. Either way works!