Awesome Worlds From Gaming in Minecraft

Check out these amazing gaming worlds in Minecraft!

Generally, in most video games, the world in which players inhabit is specifically designed around that one game and usually will not tend to stray away from it in reference to other games. If you’re playing Super Mario 64, you generally wouldn’t expect to experience the Grand Theft Auto franchise anywhere inside of it. When creative gamers get ahold of Minecraft though, you shouldn’t always look forward to experiencing only Minecraft when playing. In this article, we will showcase many famous worlds from gaming recreated in Minecraft.



When many people think of their favorite MMORPG, many will immediately think of Jagex’s classic video game RuneScape. YouTubers and creative individuals, Podcrash, decided to think extremely large and not only recreate RuneScape, but also create their very own Minecraft MMORPG based on Jagex’s video game.

MineScape as they referred to it was a Minecraft server that allowed players to connect and train 21 skills, complete many quests, and fight custom monsters. The server also included spells, items specifically for the server and a trading system. The server gained plenty of traction due to it’s very true to form recreation of RuneScape. The server featured many towns from the game including Varrock, Lumbridge, Al-Kahrid and featured it’s own Tutorial Island.



If you frequent our Minecraft segment of Lifewire, you will notice that a few months ago, we interviewed N11cK, the creative mind behind the building of GTA V in it’s entirety in Minecraft. Originally, the project was supposed to be very small, wanting to only build Michael’s house. The project quickly turned into wanting to build the entire map after many people said that he should do it.

N11ck’s progress on his GTA V world in Minecraft has gained praise from the gaming community as being such a perfect recreation. N11cK is striving for perfection when building the map, including many minor details such as the color of windows or signs in the game.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

 If you’re a fan of Nintendo’s very own Hero of Time (Link), you may be interested in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: The Minecraft Map. The custom map’s creator, Kezsonaj, released his interpretation of the very famous gaming world on PlanetMinecraft in 2014. The Ocarina of Time adventure map has been downloaded nearly 17,000 times and has gained plenty of traction from fans of the Zelda franchise. The map features many locations from the game, such as Death Mountain, The Great Deku Tree, Kokiri Forest, and much more.

Super Mario 64

Super Mario Bros. fans rejoice! Reddit’s /r/MinecraftMario subreddit designed the many nostalgic (and at times, infuriating) levels of Super Mario 64 in Minecraft. The insanely detailed world and various levels stay true to the original video game, but with more with more edges. Princess Peach’s Castle, Bom-omb Battlefield, Snowman’s Land, Rainbow Ride, Big Boo’s Haunt and many more levels from Super Mario 64 were included in this creation. Even Tick Tock Clock and The Princess’ Secret Slide made it in! This map gained so much credit that the Official Nintendo Magazine UK featured the map in an article inside it’s magazine as a shoutout for all of the hard work put in by it’s creators.

In Conclusion


If you’re not wanting to experience Minecraft in Minecraft, maybe try experiencing a different game. With Minecraft’s growing popularity and games being released every day, it is more than likely that more video games will be recreated in our lovely world of blocks. If none of these worlds end up doing the trick for you in terms of entertainment, feel free to continue browsing the internet and various Minecraft related websites. A quick search will point you in the direction of hundreds of video game worlds recreated in Minecraft.