World Backup Day 2018

World Backup Day Is on March 31, 2018

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Saturday, March 31st, is World Backup Day, the day we technology folks remind you of how important it is to backup your data.

Considering my particular expertise, I tend to do this much more often than once per year, but I'll take this annual excuse to do it yet again!

Here's the message to remember:

Your Data Is More Valuable Than Your Device

Hardware is cheap and getting cheaper. You know what's expensive or even priceless? That term paper you spent three weeks writing, the $3,000 USD in music and movies you have on your hard drive, and the digital video of your little boy or girl's first step.

You can get a new computer or phone, but try replacing those important files: You can't!

So What Do You Do?

You back them up!

I'm a very huge of fan of online backup services. I think using a cloud backup service (what they're sometimes called) is the easiest and most economical and effective way of keeping your important data safe.

See our Reviews of Online Backup Services for a ranked, updated list, complete with prices. Some plans allow an unlimited amount of storage, some limit you to so many GBs or TBs, some support backup from multiple simultaneous computers, some are even free for a just a little storage.

No matter what your needs are, we've done all the research to help you make the right decision. Aside from the list of reviews linked above, our Online Backup Comparison Chart is really helpful if you're curious which of our favorite cloud backup services offer a particular feature.

Have questions about online backup or not completely sure what it is? We answer most every question we've ever gotten about online backup in our Online Backup FAQ.

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