Learn How to Use the Comments Feature in Microsoft Word

Use the comments feature to collaborate with others on cloud-based documents

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The ability to add comments or annotations to Microsoft Word documents is one of the program’s most useful features. In multiuser environments, it provides an easy and effective way to collaborate and comment on document drafts. Comments are especially convenient when the collaboration is taking place via the cloud, but even single users find the feature handy, providing the ability to add notes and reminders.

Notes inserted using the comments feature can be hidden, deleted, or printed. When the comments are displayed onscreen, you can easily see the comments by scrolling through the document, or by opening the reviewing pane.

How to Enter a New Comment

  1. Highlight the text you want to comment on.

  2. Open the Review ribbon and select New Comment.

  3. Type your comment in the balloon that appears in the right margin. It contains your name and a time stamp that is visible to other viewers of the document.

  4. If you need to edit your comment, just click in the comment box and make the change.

  5. Click anywhere in the document to continue editing the document.

The comment has a box surrounding it, and a dotted line connects it to the highlighted text you are commenting on.

Deleting a Comment

To delete a comment, right-click on the balloon and select Delete Comment.

Hiding All Comments

To hide the comments, use the drop-down Markup tab and select No Markup.

Replying to Comments

If you want to reply to a comment, you can do this by selecting the comment you want to reply to and either clicking the Reply icon within the comment box or by right-clicking and choosing Reply to Comment.

Using the Reviewing Pane

Sometimes when there are a lot of comments on a document, you can't read the entire comment in the comment box. When this happens, click the Reviewing icon on the ribbon to see a comment summary panel to the left of the document. 

The Reviewing pane contains the complete content of all the comments, along with information on the number of insertions and deletions. 

Printing the Document With Comments

To print the document with comments, select Show Comments in the Review tab. Then, select File and Print. You should see the comments in the thumbnail display.