The 8 Best WordPress Hosting Providers of 2021

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Our Top Picks

Best for VPS: Dreamhost at DreamHost

"Excellent uptime, speedy page loads, and an official recommendation from"

Best Budget: Hostinger at Hostinger

"About $0.80 per month for a single WordPress site."

Best Free Option: Infinityfree at Infinityfree

"Get your WordPress site up and running without a lot of initial investment."

Best for Shared Hosting: GoDaddy at GoDaddy

"Includes a free domain name, fast load times, and unmetered bandwidth."

Best Overall: Bluehost at Bluehost

"The best combination of storage, bandwidth, and price."

Best for Newbies: InMotion at InMotion

"Allows you to quickly build and arrange your new site."

Best Managed Hosting: WP Engine at WP Engine

"Unlimited bandwidth, around the clock support, automated backups, and more."

Fastest WordPress Hosting: SiteGround at SiteGround

"Lightning fast speeds, affordable plans, and official recommendation by"

Best Overall WordPress Host: Dreamhost




Dreamhost is our pick for the best overall WordPress hosting site because they deliver a consistently high level of service, with a great one-click WordPress installer, for a great price. They have excellent uptime, speedy page loads, and an official recommendation from is just icing on the cake.

You can install WordPress just about anywhere, but Dreamhost makes the process exceptionally easy with their one-click installer. This allows you to get started right away, even if you have no experience with WordPress. And if you decide you want to build your site beyond WordPress in the future, they also include a free website builder to get you started.

Dreamhost is a full service web host that offers great shared hosting plans in addition to virtual private servers and dedicated servers, and they offer the same fantastic 100% uptime guarantee across all of their plans. If you want to make sure that your WordPress site is up and available when your readers come looking, this is the place to start.

Best Budget: Hostinger




Most of the best WordPress hosts, like Bluehost and Dreamhost, offer multi-year discounts on shared hosting that bring your monthly costs down to about $2.95, but you have to pay for a year or more in advance. Hostinger is even cheaper, at about $0.99 per month for a single WordPress site.

Hostinger still requires you to pay upfront to get the best deal, but you can get a two-year subscription for less than $40. The prices go up if you need to host more than one site, but you won’t find a better deal if you just want to get up and running with your first WordPress site.

The catch is that they place limits on how much disk space you can take up and how much bandwidth you can use. You do get access to their easy website builder, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee, but you’ll have to upgrade to a more expensive plan if you want to host additional sites or take advantage of unlimited bandwidth.

Best Free Option: Infinityfree


 Courtesy of InfinityFree

Infinityfree is a remarkably robust free option if you want to get your WordPress site up and running without a lot of initial investment. Unlike other free WordPress hosts, Infinityfree offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, a generous limit on MySQL databases, and even allows you to set up 10 e-mail accounts.

When you use Infinityfree, you have to buy your domain elsewhere and point it to your hosting account on Infinityfree’s servers. They do provide the option to create a subdomain using one of several domains that they own, but you’ll want to buy your own domain elsewhere to maintain full ownership of your site.

Infinityfree isn’t limited to WordPress, and they offer automatic installation of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, MyBB, phpBB, and even the PrestaShop e-commerce solution.

Some free hosts force you to display ads on your WordPress site, but Infinityfree doesn’t. You do have to view ads on your Infinityfree dashboard when managing your site. Those ads, and ads on the main Infinityfree site, are how they manage to offer free WordPress hosting.

Best for Shared Hosting: GoDaddy

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GoDaddy is one of the biggest names in domain registration, but they have their hands in a lot of other services, including shared WordPress hosting. Their shared plans include a one-click WordPress installer, include a free domain name, fast load times, and unmetered bandwidth.

If you’re new to WordPress, a shared hosting plan from GoDaddy is a good place to start. Their plans include affordable monthly pricing, so you don’t have to make a big commitment upfront, and they have a range of options to choose from based on how many sites you want to run.

Annual plans provide you with a free domain name, and some plans include premium features like a free SSL certificate and free premium DNS.

If you outgrow their shared hosting, GoDaddy also offers excellent managed WordPress hosting. You may never need it, but it’s an option that allows your sites to grow without the hassle of migrating to an entirely different host.

Best for VPS WordPress Hosting: Bluehost

Bluehost Hosting Review
Bluehost Hosting Review. Courtesy of Bluehost

Virtual Private Server (VPS) WordPress hosting is the natural next step if shared hosting just doesn’t cut it for your sites anymore, and Bluehost offers the best combination of storage, bandwidth, and price, along with a seal of approval from WordPress itself.

We don't like Bluehost's low end shared hosting packages as much as some others on this list, but the fact is they have the seal of approval from WordPress, and their virtual private server offerings are great.

Bluehost's VPS plans are priced very competitively and provide plenty of storage and bandwidth for even the largest WordPress sites. They also offer excellent uptime, easily expandable RAM and storage space, and free SSL certificates even with the least expensive plans.

Bluehost VPS WordPress hosting starts at a very affordable $3.95 per month for 50 GB of SSD storage, and goes all the way up to $6.95 per month for unmetered SSD storage. If you’re just hosting a single successful WordPress site, you should be fine sticking on the cheaper end of that scale.

Best for Newbies: InMotion


 Courtesy of InMotion


WordPress is pretty easy to pick up and understand with a little work, but not everyone has that kind of time. If you need to get your WordPress site up and running fast, and you want someone else to take care of the nitty-gritty, InMotion is an excellent choice.

InMotion provides managed WordPress hosting where experts pre-install it for you, updates and data backups happen automatically, and you get around the clock access to US-based support staff just in case anything goes wrong.

In addition to professional installation and management, InMotion also provides the BoldGrid drag and drop WordPress builder. This is perfect for WordPress newbies, since it allows you to quickly build and arrange your new site without delving into the confusing world of theme customization.

InMotion advertises a one-hour checkout-to-live process. Sign up for the service, put in your information, and your brand-new WordPress site could be ready for the world in about an hour even if you’ve never touched WordPress before.

Best Managed Hosting: WP Engine

WP Engine

WP Engine

If you’re ready to take your WordPress sites to the next level, WP Engine is our pick for the most powerful managed WordPress host. They offer a fully managed WordPress solution, with unlimited bandwidth, around the clock support, automated backups, and more. The service is more expensive than other options, but it’s worth it if you’re serious about your WordPress sites.

Each of WP Engine’s subscription plans includes free migration, which you can use to move your existing WordPress sites to their platform. They also provide what they refer to as actionable intelligence, which includes page speed diagnostics, performance monitoring, and insights on your content, which you can use to improve your sites.

WP Engine places limits on things like the number of visits your sites can have each month and how many sites you can host. That makes this service a lot more restrictive than shared and VPS hosts, but the tradeoff is that your sites will perform better, load faster, and potentially provide a better experience to your visitors.

Fastest WordPress Hosting: SiteGround




Our pick for the fastest WordPress hosting is SiteGround due to their lightning-fast speeds, affordable plans, and official recommendation by They also have excellent security, top-notch support, and a WordPress auto-installer to get you started.

Inexpensive WordPress hosting usually uses slow shared hosting that can be further slowed down due to problems with other sites on your shared host. SiteGround is just as affordable as those services, but they provide exceptionally fast speeds thanks to a combination of exclusively SSD hardware and their proprietary SuperCacher caching tool. They also include a free CDN to further speed up site performance.

In addition to being fast, SiteGround is also a solid all-around WordPress hosting site that has earned the endorsement of You can get going fast with their auto-installer, and then they make sure you stay secure with automatic updates of both WordPress itself and all of your WordPress plugins. Just in case anything ever goes wrong, they also perform daily backups for you.

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