Listen to iTunes Songs Using Bluetooth on the iPhone

Young woman listening to music on smartphone
Atsushi Yamada / Getty Images

Consumer electronic products that support Bluetooth are getting more popular these days. If you're not sure what this term means, then it's simply a communications standard that enables Bluetooth-capable hardware to wirelessly transmit data -- audio in this case.

It's also a cool way of enjoying your digital music without the hassle of all those earbud wires getting in the way. The iPhone is one such device (as well as the iPod Touch and iPad) that has Bluetooth built-in and can be used for listening to your digital music library on other compatible consumer hardware products -- this includes things like headphones, home stereos, in-dash car systems, etc.

To use this feature on the iPhone, you'll need to know where to look and how to configure it. By default, it's turned off to maximize your iPhone's battery life. If you've got Bluetooth hardware that you'd like to link up, then we've written an article on How to Wirelessly Listen to Digital Music on the iPhone.

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