What Is AT&T's Wireless Roaming Policy?

Does AT&T charge for roaming or is its wireless roaming free?

AT&T's wireless network covers most of North America. Coverage is more sparse in Mexico, Canada, and rural areas of the U.S. When you roam off-network, you may encounter limits or restrictions on data usage. After a certain amount of data is used in an off-network area, you receive a text alert notifying you of the limit.

AT&T Roaming Policy

While you may receive a bill for roaming, your talk and text capabilities will not be blocked.

Customers with an AT&T unlimited plan can talk, text, and use their plan data when traveling in Mexico or Canada with no roaming charge. Travelers to other countries receive roaming charges unless they turn off data roaming on their phone's settings or if they sign up for an international calling and data plan.

AT&T offers several such packages, including the AT&T International Day Pass, AT&T Passport, and an option for cruises. Prices, data allowances, eligible countries, fees, and other benefits vary from package to package.

With AT&T's GSM technology, AT&T says, "Your phone assumes the characteristics of the wireless network in each country you visit. If you are traveling in Italy, your phone will work like a local Italian wireless device."

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