Prepaid Wireless: Roaming Policy at Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile plans include a specified number of roaming minutes

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Wireless roaming is free on all nationwide Boost Mobile plans for 50 minutes each month. If you use all 50 minutes, your ability to roam is cut off until the next billing period. No additional fees incur during roaming with Boost Mobile's plans, which offer unlimited data, talk, and text. Boost Mobile runs on the nationwide Sprint network. ​

The information we've summarized is current as of March 2020.

Boost Mobile Roaming Services

Boost Mobile offers 50 minutes of domestic voice roaming each month, but this service does not include text messages or mobile data. It works on networks that are partnered with Sprint but have a separate roaming policy from Sprint. Boost Mobile estimates that with roaming activated, 99 percent of the United States is covered for voice services.

Eligible plans include monthly billing; if your plan supports it, you don't need to do anything special to activate voice roaming. All devices except Apple's iPhone include domestic roaming. The service has been available since March 2016.

Roaming Cap

When you hit your 50th minute of roaming voice service, your call will continue but you'll get a text message from Boost Mobile advising that you cannot make any additional calls while you're on a partner network.

When your next plan month starts, your counter resets and you're free to make more roaming voice calls.

Roaming in Mexico

For an additional $5 per month, monthly plan subscribers can add the Todo Mexico Plus package with the Mexico Roaming add-on. Once activated, you'll be able to call to and from Mexico, send international text messages, and use mobile data services.

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