5 Affordable Wireless Mice

After taking a look at affordable wireless keyboards, let us turn our attention to wireless mice. As with keyboards, there are tons of high-priced mice out there that will do just about everything except make you a pizza.

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Logitech Wireless Mouse M325c

Logitech M325c
Logitech M325c.


This mouse gets added to the list not solely because of its adorable designs, but those certainly don't hurt. Offered in nine different patterns, the M325c is a dressed-up version of Logitech's M325 wireless mouse. The mouse features Micro-precise scrolling, a customizable scroll wheel, and a solid battery life of 18 months on one AA battery. 

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Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse

Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse
Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse.


A new mouse from Microsoft, the Designer has an intriguing construction. Its extremely low-profile, appearing nearly flat, and it uses Bluetooth 4.0. The battery life is just fair — six months — but it does come with a status indicator so you shouldn't be caught off guard.

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Monoprice M24 Wireless Mouse

Monoprice M24
Monoprice M24.


It will be hard to find anything less expensive than the M24 from discount manufacturer Monoprice. As expected, there aren't many bells and whistles for this three-button optical mouse, but it still uses a 2.4GHz nano receiver, and the company has remembered to include that receiver placeholder.

Another discount, no-frills peripherals brand to take a look at is the Amazon Basics line from Amazon.com.

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Logitech M320

Logitech M320 wireless mouse. Logitech

The M320 has an extraordinarily impressive battery life: The company promises two years of juice on a single AA battery. While it doesn't have too many over-the-top features — no Hyper-fast scrolling for example — it's quite comfortable for right-hand users. This mouse uses a nano receiver and comes with the requisite receiver placeholder. 

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HP Touch to Pair Mouse

HP Touch to Pair
HP Touch to Pair.


The HP Touch to Pair wireless mouse uses Near Field Communications (otherwise known as NFC) technology to allow you to pair the mouse simply by touching your NFC-compatible device. NFC is most commonly used with tablets (although some PCs do feature the technology). The mouse also features Bluetooth, so you can use with nearly all computers as well. A mouse with NFC is extremely rare at this point, making this one of the few options out there. The battery life is said to be nine months — not great, but not a deal-breaker.