5 Wireless Mice for Under $50

Cheap, Affordable Wireless Mice Reviewed

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Feb. 23, 2009 - Whether you need six buttons or two, there is an inexpensive wireless mouse out there that can likely suit your needs. Even at a low cost, the performance and features of these mice are able to satisfy any type of user, from gamers to designers to general PC users.

The Gear Head Laser Wireless Rechargeable Mouse

The Gear Head laser wireless rechargeable mouse is an affordable mouse that offers precision pointing, laser tracking and scores of personalization options that will satisfy the needs of most users. With five programmable buttons, dual-way scrolling action, and a rechargeable battery system (two AA batteries and a desktop charging pad), the Gear Head cordless mouse offers much more for less than $50 than most mice in its class.

Logitech V450 Cordless Laser Mouse

The Logitech V450 cordless laser mouse offers everything you expect and need to see in a wireless mouse. It has laser tracking precision, a smooth scroll wheel, a rechargeable battery via a USB port (so you can recharge it while you continue to use it), and an on/off button you can use to help save battery life when it's not in use.

Kensington Ci70 Titanium Wireless Optical Mouse

The Kensington Ci70 Titanium Wireless Mouse has an interesting product design that is sure to appeal to some. Shirking the modern trend toward ergonomic, molded plastic, this durable mouse is optimized for use by both left and right-handed people. It also features USB capability and a lightning-fast response time.

Verbatim Optical Wireless Desktop Mouse

The Verbatim Optical Wireless mouse offers laser precision, rechargeable batteries, and a sleek, modern design sure to match any desktop setup. This cordless mouse boasts simplicity above all else, with just the bare minimum of buttons and functionality, but making sure those features work well and precisely.

Logitech MX Revolution Wireless Mouse

The Logitech MX Revolution Wireless Mouse, while sold at just over the $50 limit suggested in this list, is worth the extra price. It truly is a revolution, featuring integrated, customizable buttons like a custom search button designed to link your mouse directly into your favorite search engine. The driver technology is advanced and intriguing, and the mouse works well on all fronts.