5 Wireless Keyboards That Cost Less Than $50

(June 2015) You can drop an ungodly amount of money on computer keyboard, but that doesn't mean you have to. Most high-end devices are for those with high-end needs (such as gamers, for example). Here are a few high-performance wireless keyboards that won't give you buyer's remorse.

Logitech K480

Logiteh K480. Image courtesy of Logitech

Price: $49.99

This one comes in just under that $50 mark, but it's also one of Logitech's newest keyboards. This Bluetooth keyboard is designed to be used with computers or tablets, and it features a built-in stand for the latter. It received high marks for its ease of use during the review process, as well as its speedy responsiveness. Just don't get this model if you're looking for a number pad; Logitech keeps this keyboard portable by omitting one.

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Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000
Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000. Image courtesy of Microsoft

Price: $49.95

The Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 is a decidedly no-frills keyboard, but it makes the list including AES 128-Bit encryption and for bundling in a wireless mouse with BlueTrack technology. BlueTrack is the name of Microsoft's tech that enables a mouse to be used on nearly any type of surface (minus clear glass or mirrors). It should be noted, however, that the battery life was observed to be quite poor if you fail to make use of the on/off switch.

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Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus

Logitech K400 Plus
Logitech K400 Plus. Image courtesy of Logitech

Price: $39.99

Those who can't quit their laptop touch pads will appreciate the K400 Plus (and the older-gen K400). These keyboards have built-in multi-gesture touch pads, giving Windows 8 users a little more flexibility. They're also a great option for anyone requiring a keyboard for their living room media setup. Although Logitech is still offering both generations, stick with the Plus version as the battery life has been extended an additional six months, to reach a promised 18 months. 

Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2

Kensington KeyFolio 2
Kensington KeyFolio 2. Image courtesy of Kensington

Price: $49.99

This Bluetooth keyboard is one that can be used with both tablets and computers. It comes with a black case that will position the tablet at an angle ranging from 20 to 70 degrees. This case is meant for use with the iPad 2, third-gen iPad or fourth-gen iPad, but the keyboard can be used with any computer featuring Bluetooth.Kensington also has other, more recent models in this line, but those cross over the $50 mark.    

HP K3500 Wireless Keyboard

HP K3500 Wireless Keyboard
HP K3500 Wireless Keyboard. Image courtesy of HP

Price: $25.99

The most affordable option on this list, HP's K3500 is a no-frills wireless keyboard that uses a 2.4GHz nano receiver to connect. This is a full-sized model, so it has the number pad so many of us can't do without. It also features HP's Link-5 technology, which lets you pair up to five compatible devices at one time.