WipeFile v3.4 Review

A full review of WipeFile, a free file shredder program

WipeFile is a free file shredder program that's easy to use, supports a number of sanitization methods, and provides some unique features not found in other data scrubber programs.

WipeFile can be installed like a normal program or you can use it as a portable program. Since it doesn't take up much space at all, it's perfect for storing on a flash drive.

This review is of WipeFile version 3.4. Please let us know if there's a newer version we need to review.

More About WipeFile

WipeFile queue
  • Easy to use

  • Doesn't require installation (portable)

  • Supports drag and drop

  • Option to integrate with Windows Explorer

  • Very small (less than 1 MB)

  • Supports many sanitization methods

  • Can write events to a log file

  • No confirmation when removing items from the queue

WipeFile works via drag and drop and lets you add multiple files at folders to the program at once to be shredded. You can also use standard browse buttons from the toolbar to add files and folders to the shredding queue.

You should be able to use WipeFile in all versions of Windows, including Windows 10 and older ones like Windows XP.

The following data sanitization methods are supported with WipeFile, most of which will render data recovery programs completely useless in "undeleting" your files:

With the WipeFile method, you can enter specific data to be used for overwrites or use random characters generated by the program.

From the list of files and folders that are to be shredded, you can choose to remove every file in a folder or just specific types. For example, you can right-click any folder you've added to the list, choose Edit file mask, and then enter *.EXE to remove all EXE files but keep everything else.

Once a list of files and folders have been created in WipeFile, you can choose to shred the files or save them as a template, which you can then restore in the future to quickly re-add all the same data to the queue.

Our Thoughts on WipeFile

WipeFile is a really great file shredder due mostly to how easy it is to use. Drag and drop is great for a file shredder program because it fits with the way you're already familiar with to get rid of files (i.e., the Recycle Bin), and WipeFile fully supports this.

Some file shredders make you hunt down the data wipe settings to change the sanitization method, but WipeFile places a simple drop-down list in the center of the program to make this very easy.

The ability to save the queued items is a really neat feature I haven't seen in many other file shredders. From the File menu, you can save and load templates in the WFT3 file format to quickly reload the set of files you wanted to shred.

WipeFile downloads as an archive in the 7Z format, so you'll need 7-Zip or another free file extractor program to open it.