Windows Really Doesn’t Want You to Download Chrome

Now pop-up messages to promote Microsoft's browser instead

Microsoft has tripled-down on pushing its Edge web browser via pop-up messages that appear when you attempt to download Chrome in Windows 11.

The fight to make Microsoft Edge the default web browser for Windows machines continues. Microsoft began to patch out the option to select a different default browser in Windows 11 earlier this month, but now it's trying a more direct approach. Neowin has noticed that discouraging pop-up messages appear when attempting to download Chrome in Windows 11.

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These messages won't prevent anyone from downloading Chrome, but they do overtly try to push Edge as the better alternative. One pop-up points out that Edge uses the same technology as Chrome but has "the added trust of Microsoft."

Another is a bit more lighthearted and takes a shot at Chrome with the message that Chrome is "so 2008!" A third message, which seems a bit passive-aggressive, begins with" 'I hate saving money,' said no one ever."

Neowin also points out that while Google has its own pop-ups that may appear when using its services on a non-Chrome browser, those messages have a "No Thanks" button to opt out.

In Windows 11, you're only provided a button to accept or an "X" in the corner to close.

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If you're using Windows 11, you'll likely start to see similar pop-ups the next time you attempt to download Chrome.

Thus far, there doesn't seem to be a way to turn these messages off, but it is possible to simply ignore them.

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