The Windows Mobile Reader List

What is the Best Smartphone RSS Reader?

A solid Windows Mobile reader is becoming more of a necessity as Pocket PCs and Smartphones take over the mobile market. As the price of these powerful devices drop, and technologies such as Bluetooth makes combing their raw power with ease-of-use as a phone, more people are discovering that they can take their favorite slice of the Internet with them.

Ultimately, the best Smartphone Reader will depend on what you want from your reader. But this list should help you narrow down your choice.

Newsgator Go

Description: The Windows Mobile reader for the Newsgator suite of RSS readers, this is a stand-alone application, not just a mobile website. Newsgator Go syncs up with your other Newsgator products, whether you like to browse your feeds through their web-based reader, or from your Outlook inbox.

Price: Free


Description: Numerous awards mark Newsbreak as a great Windows Mobile reader. Featuring the ability to listen to podcasts, watch vidcasts, and set up specialized alerts, it makes a great addition to your Smartphone library.

Price: $19.95

Bloglines for Mobile

Description: Bloglines is a great website for viewing your favorite feeds and keeping your mobile in sync with your PC, but the mobile version of the site doesn't come with a lot of feed management options. An excellent choice for those that already use Bloglines on their PC, or anyone wanting a free web-based reader for their Smartphone.

Price: Free


Description: The Egress Windows Mobile reader integrates with the Today screen and supports podcasting and mini-blogs like Twitter. This Smartphone reader also supports HTML optimizers (like Skweezer and Google Mobile) and integrates with Newsgator.

Price: $12.95 (Lifetime subscription)


Description: Marketed as the Smartphone reader for power users, this Windows Mobile reader has a host of features including the ability to view podcasts and vidcasts, offline reading, great customization and ideal performance for a large number of feeds.

Price: Free


Description: This nifty Windows Mobile reader is a great way to take your favorite sites with you. It comes with a number of channels, and you can input custom channels, but it can have a problem reading some feeds. Great for a limited number of feeds, it may not have the best navigation for numerous feeds.

Price: Free (Subscription grants additional bandwidth)