Windows Media Player 12: How to Burn a Gapless Audio CD

Create an audio CD without any gaps between songs

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While listening to your audio CDs, do you get annoyed with silent gaps between each song? If you use Windows Media Player 12 for your digital music collection, and want to create a custom compilation of non-stop music, a seamless podcast series, or audio recordings without any gaps, then you'll need to burn a gapless audio CD.

Configuring to Burn an Audio CD

  1. Run Windows Media Player 12. If you aren't in the library view mode, hold the [CTRL key] and press 1.
  1. On the right side of the screen, click the Burn menu tab near the top. Check that the burn mode is set to Audio CD. If not, then click the Burn Options drop-down menu (near the top right-hand corner) and click Audio CD from the list.

Setting up Gapless Mode

  1. Click the Tools menu tab at the top of WMP's screen and choose Options. If you can't see this menu, hold the [CTRL key] and press M.
  2. Click the Burn menu tab. In the Audio CDs section, enable the Burn CD Without Gap option.
  3. Click Apply > OK.

Adding Music to Burn

  1. If you haven't already built up your Windows Media Player library, then you can find out how by reading our guide on how to add music to Windows Media Player.
  2. To add music to the burn list, click on the Music folder in the left pane. You can either add single tracks or a complete album by dragging and dropping your selection to the burn list on the right-hand side of the screen. To choose multiple tracks to drag and drop, hold down the [CTRL key] while clicking on songs.

    Burning Your Gapless Audio CD

    1. When you are ready to burn, insert a blank CD. If you've got a rewritable disc that you'd like to erase, then click the Burn Options drop-down menu (near the top right-hand corner) and click option to erase the disc.
    2. Click Start Burn to begin creating your gapless audio CD. Not all CD/DVD drives support gapless burning - if you receive a message to this effect, then you'll unfortunately need to burn the disc with gaps.
    1. When the CD has been created, check it to make sure there are no gaps.
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