6 Essential Tutorials on Using Windows Media Player 11

Some of the best reasons to use WMP 11

Windows Media Player screenshot

It might be getting a bit old now, but Microsoft’s popular Windows Media Player ( often shortened to WMP), is a software program that has quite a lot going for it when it comes to organizing digital media.

As well as being a full-featured jukebox in its own right, it can also be used for:

  • Transferring (ripping) audio CDs to a digital audio format.
  • Listening to thousands of Internet radio stations.
  • Burning custom-made CDs.
  • Organizing media files (including movies and images).
  • Many other tasks.

Stream Thousands of Internet Radio Stations for Free

Streaming Internet Radio in Windows Media Player 11
Windows Media Guide listing available radio stations.

You may think that Microsoft only made Windows Media Player to handle locally stored files for listening to music or even watching videos. But, did you know that it can also stream audio?

There's an option built in that allows you to tune into thousands of Internet radio stations. It's called Media Guide and is a great tool that can be used to broaden your musical horizons.

To start listening to free streaming music 24/7, read this short tutorial see how easy it is to find and play radio stations that stream on the Web.

How to Rip Audio CDs

Ripping a CD in Windows Media Player 11
Clicking the Rip menu for more options.

If you've purchased music CDs in the past then one of the quickest ways to build up a digital music library is to rip them to a digital audio format.

This Windows Media Player 11 tutorial will show you how to rip your CD collection to MP3 or WMA audio files. Creating digital music files will allow you to transfer the music which was on CD to your portable. You can then keep your original music CDs in a safe place.

How to Add Music Folders to The Windows Media Player

Adding Music to Windows Media Player 11
Choosing music folders to add.

Before you can use Windows Media Player to organize your downloaded music collection, you'll need to tell it where to look in order for its library to be populated.

This tutorial focuses on adding music files in folders, but you can also use it to add folders that contain photos and videos too.

Creating Custom Playlists

Creating Playlists in Windows Media Player 11
Custom Playlists in WMP 11.

Learning how to make playlists in Windows Media Player 11 will enable you to better manage your music library. You'll be able to create audio / MP3 music CDs, along with the fun of making custom music compilations, and syncing it all to your portable device.

This Windows Media Player Tutorial will show you how to quickly create, and customize a playlist.

Intelligent Lists That Automatically Update

Creating Auto Playlists in Windows Media Player 11
Auto Playlists Screen.

If you regularly add music to your library and have created normal playlists then these don't get updated unless you do it manually.

Auto Playlists on the other hand intelligently update themselves as your music library changes. This can save a lot of time when it comes to playing, burning, and syncing your music library to your portable device.

In this tutorial discover how to create Auto Playlists that are based on particular criteria such as genre or artist for example.

Burning Music Files to Audio CD

Burning an Audio CD in Windows Media Player 11
CD burn options in WMP 11.

For older audio equipment that can't play digital music wirelessly or via flash media (including USB drive), then burning an audio CD might be your only option.

In this step-by-step tutorial learn how to create a custom audio CD with all your favorite songs on it. This type of disc will then be playable on virtually any device blessed with a CD or DVD drive.

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