Top 4 Windows Media Player 11 Plugins

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Dimitri Otis / Getty Images

In this article, you will find a selection of free plugins to download and install that add new features to Windows Media Player 11. They have been chosen for their usefulness when listening and organizing your digital music library.

Lyrics Plugin

The advantage of this plugin is that it displays the words in real-time on the screen as songs play rather than just displaying all the song's lyrics as with some plugins. To use Lyrics Plugin you'll need to be connected to the Internet so it can connect to an online database to display the words on-screen.

WMP Keys

Windows Media Player 11 has quite a few built-in keyboard shortcuts (often referred to as hotkeys) to make using the program more efficient via your computer's keyboard. Unfortunately, these keys can't be customized and so you're normally stuck with the default key combinations. The WMP Keys plugin helps you to tweak keyboard combinations so you can customize WMP's hotkeys. Once you've enabled this plugin (via Tools > Plugins) you can customize common tasks such as play/pause, next/previous, forwards/ backward scan, and a few others. Not all of WMP 11's keyboard shortcuts are supported by WMP Keys yet, but it's still a very useful plugin.

Windows Media Player Plus

Windows Media Player Plus is a plugin that offers a wide range of features and interface improvements to make WMP 11 more user-friendly. Tag Editor Plus is one feature that gives you much more control with editing your song library's metadata. For example, album art that is embedded in your songs can be directly viewed, changed, or completely removed.

There are also many other features in the Windows Media Player Plus add-on, including disk numbering, Windows Explorer shell integration, stop/close WMP after media finishes, remember last playing media at next startup, and more.

If you want to add a plethora of features and improve WMP 11's interface, then this plugin is an essential add-on.


This is a small plugin that adds CD-Text functionality to Windows Media Player 11. Normally WMP doesn't read CD-Text information from audio CDs, but installing this plugin will allow you to ensure that this information is read and imported into your music library.