Windows Mail 6.0 - Free Email Program

Windows Mail - Free Email Program
Windows Mail - Free Email Program. Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Windows Mail is a fun and functional email program that keeps you relatively safe with spam and phishing filters while offering fast search and enough room for creativity, maybe based on ready-made stationery. Advanced filters or sophisticated tools that help you manage and reply to lots of mail missing from Windows Mail.


  • Rich editing and ready-made stationery make composing mail a fun activity in Windows Mail
  • Windows Mail helps you find emails fast



  • You can read and post to Usenet newsgroups with Windows Mail, too.
  • Windows Mail supports Windows Vista.


If it comes with Windows, it's stripped down or horrifyingly insecure. Or probably both!

Not with Windows Mail. Sure, Windows Mail is not a highly sophisticated email program with countless tools, options, tweaks and gimmicks, but for the most part, it knows what counts and knows to do that well.

POP, IMAP, and Windows Live Hotmail accounts are supported seamlessly.

Simple filters can apply some order to the incoming stream (it's a pity Windows Mail knows not how to apply free-form tags to messages, though), and decent protection against spam and phishing keeps the bad mail out of the Inbox. In addition, Windows Mail can display all mail in usually very secure plain text only. Should you ever want to go back to a message, Windows Mail helps you with surprisingly fast and versatile search. Maybe it could offer links to related messages and people, too?

Finally, what counts when composing and sending mail? It's the creative expression, of course. With an editor that is not only comfortable but also lets you edit the HTML source and massive amounts of ready-made stationery available, Windows Mail is a winner in that respect. Just make sure the recipients appreciate emails full of colors and images.

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