Best Free Windows FTP Server Software

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An FTP server is a required software application on networks that wish to support file sharing using the File Transfer Protocol. This page lists the best FTP servers available for the Windows operating system. Evaluation versions of each of these FTP server software products can be downloaded from the vendors' sites.

WS_FTP Server is the choice for high-end needs. Though it costs more than competitors' FTP servers, it is extremely robust and full-featured. WS_FTP Server supports 128-bit SSL encryption, nice installation wizards and a full administrative GUI. It also features a built-in log analyzer. WS_FTP Server is designed to run on true Windows servers; it runs on Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.

Now at version 3.0, zFTPServer Suite is still a free Windows FTP server and has gained a loyal following. It features multi-lingual user interfaces, flexible access control for both accounts and IP addresses, and passive as well as active mode connections. zFTPServer supports all popular Windows operating systems (except Vista) and is designed for ease of use by beginning- and intermediate level users. Some third-party extensions to zFTPServer for advanced, enterprise-level functionality are available at additional cost. More »

Another free Windows FTP server download, FileZilla Server is an especially active Open Source community project with both binary and full source code downloads available. FileZilla Server tracks the user ids of all connected sessions and each file transfered. More »

Serv-U strikes a good balance between cost, features, and stability. Serv-U is one of the most mature Windows FTP servers. Over time, it's user interface has been revamped, SSL support added, and overall robustness improved. Serv-U runs on all popular versions of Windows including Windows 95 and Windows 98 as well as Windows NT and the newer Windows platforms. It is priced affordably. More »

The Xlight personal edition FTP server is free for use by individuals, while standard and professional editions are also available. For businesses, Xlight features Active Directory and LDAP integration support, 128-bit SSL, virtual server support, and a remote administration GUI. It also supports IPv6 networks. More »

This FTP server is designed for simplicity and those unfamiliar with FTP or managing servers. The free version supports multiple languages but does not support user accounts, advanced statistics and some other options available in a paid upgrade version. More »

War FTP daemon is free FTP software. It runs on most popular versions of Windows and is designed for a range of needs from basic to advanced. War FTP was developed over many years as an open source project, but the app has fallen out of popularity and its domain is shut down. More »