Windows 365 Cloud PC Trials Have Been Halted for Now

So many people jumped in that Microsoft hit full capacity after one day

The new Windows 365 cloud PC service garnered a bit too much interest, hitting capacity in just one day and forcing Microsoft to pause free trials for the time being.

Being able to stream your work or home PC's apps and data proved to be so enticing that Microsoft ran out of space for free trials the day after it launched the program. Microsoft 365 made the announcement on Twitter, saying that anyone who still wants to try the service can sign up to be notified when trials resume.

Windows 365 cloud streaming


It's only the free trials that have been temporarily halted, however. The Windows 365 Cloud PC program still offers both Business and Enterprise options, with per-user subscriptions available at $31, $41, and $66, depending on what you're looking for. So if you know what you want and don't need to try before you buy, this won't affect you.

"open in browser" button for Windows 365


Scott Manchester, the director of program management for Windows 365, confirmed on Twitter that while Microsoft is at capacity for free trials, it is looking for ways to increase that capacity. In the meantime, customers seem to be happy with what they've been able to test out, with Twitter user @JakeBravo_ writing, "I've just had it for a day but it's been already useful. Full coding on my iPad."

User @michamcr, who is also enthusiastic about the service, wrote, "Congratulations Scott! Great to see such positive customer demand," in a response to Manchester's tweet.

Free trials for the Windows 365 Cloud PC service are expected to resume in the future, but there are currently no estimates for when this will happen.

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