Windows 11 Will Be Abandoning Several Taskbar Functions

Microsoft has confirmed that the stripped-down taskbar is a feature, not a bug

It looks like Microsoft is intentionally stripping away several features from the taskbar for Windows 11 in order to push Widgets.

Windows Latest reports that, despite initial hopes that the missing taskbar functions in Windows 11 were just a bug, Microsoft has confirmed they're intentional. The aim is to encourage people to use the Windows Widgets panel, instead.

Windows 11 taskbar render


The Windows 11 calendar pop-up is one of the more notable changes, as it no longer integrates with events or agendas. Pulling up the calendar form the Windows 11 taskbar will display the dates, but you won't be able to add new events. On the Windows Feedback Hub, Microsoft has stated that "...there is a calendar option in the new widgets experience that you can use to quickly see your personal calendar and its events."

Windows 11 desktop


The clock also has been altered so that it no longer displays the time in seconds when clicked. Microsoft says that you can add up to two different clock readouts to the taskbar pop-up, but admits that displaying seconds isn't supported.

It's not just functions that can be performed via Widgets, either. Windows 11 testers are unable to ungroup apps, and can't drag apps or files to the taskbar to open them. The right-click context menu also is gone from the taskbar.

While Windows 11 isn't due for a public release for another couple of months, it's not likely that Microsoft will be making any taskbar changes. Not at first, anyway. Thus far, its only statements on the matter have been general "we'll take your feedback into consideration" type responses.

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