Windows 11 Release Date Set for October

Eligible PCs will get a free upgrade from Windows 10

Microsoft has finally detailed a release date for Windows 11, the next evolution of its operating system.

Windows 11 will be available in its first official release version on October 5. On that date, Microsoft says it will begin a slow rollout process to deliver free upgrades to eligible PCs running Windows 10. It hopes to complete the rollout in phases, which it says should complete by mid-2022. Windows 11 will also become available as a standalone OS purchase or as a pre-loaded OS on eligible PCs on that day.

Windows 11 running on a laptop


Microsoft says Windows 11 will offer a suite of features and highlights when it releases in October, including a new Microsoft Store, a new Start menu design, as well as the ability to snap windows to certain layouts, groups, and more.

Additionally, users will be able to use the new Focus feature, which can play music and help you home in on your daily tasks without distraction. 

Other features of the Windows 11 release include a new personalized set of widgets with information about weather and more. Microsoft also claims that Windows 11 will deliver the “best Windows ever for gaming” with better support for DirectX12 Ultimate, DirectStorage—a popular feature on the Xbox Series X—and Auto HDR. 

Finally, Windows 11 will include many new accessibility features designed to give everyone better control of their Windows experience. This includes new sound schemes, closed caption themes, better Windows Voice Typing, and an overall more simplified user experience.

With the rollout phase beginning in October, Microsoft says it plans to focus on newer eligible PCs first. If you have a Windows 10 PC that is eligible for Windows 11, then Windows Update automatically will notify you of the upgrade when it is available.

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