Windows 11 Phone Link Finally Makes Its Way to Your iPhone

Rolling out globally today

Windows 11 users can now sync their iOS communications through their PC with updated Phone Link capabilities.

The ability to connect your smartphone to your PC to manage calls and messages without picking up your Android phone has been available via Microsoft's Phone Link for some time. Today that feature is also opening up for iPhone users with the rollout of an iOS-compatible update.

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By linking your iPhone to your Windows 11 PC, you can field incoming calls and messages directly from your Windows desktop or laptop. Meaning once you set it up, you'll be able to access your Contacts, take and make calls, or send and respond to texts without touching your iPhone—even when using Focus Mode.

Phone Link in Windows 11 with iPhone connection option


Since this is a global rollout, you may not necessarily see iOS functionality in your Phone Link app right away. Microsoft recommends searching for "phone link" in the Windows 11 taskbar, then looking to see if there's an iPhone option on the setup page. If you see an iPhone option, you can select it to begin the setup process.

Phone Link for iOS is rolling out globally for Windows 11 today and is expected to reach all users "over the next few weeks." Using Phone Link requires an iPhone with iOS 14 or newer, a Bluetooth connection, and an up-to-date Phone Link app in Windows 11. Microsoft has stated that the feature is currently not available for iPadOS or macOS.

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